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By: Abubakar Sematimba
Kampala City Council Authority is likely to be sued for the workers it laid off when it launched its campaign to overhaul the entire system from the past corrupt regimes.

It is almost two years now since K.CC.A, terminated 650 workers plus, who worked for defunct Kampala city council K.C.C and promised to overhaul the entire authority to better.

The authority under its leadership of Ms. Jenipher Musisi, announced that all workers who where under K.C.C. had to re-apply and after that, they will be redeployed in their respective positions and capacities.

The six hundred and fifty plus workers whose contracts where terminated by KCCA, their fate is still unclear up to present day.

'We have spent more than two years now, we have families to cater for, we don't know what the future is holding for us' one disappointed former worker talked to our reporter.

It is alleged that out of the many former workers, K.C.C.A, without shame has only redeployed a handful of them, living many wondering what to do next.

A reliable source has revealed that former workers have lured the authority into courts of law for unrealistic benefits and compensation they received.

They worked for KCC years and years, they had experience and sounding qualifications.

They where treated unjustly, and the law has to take its course, or get a better pay, which is in line with the scale and time they spent working for this organization.

A source revealing on a level of anonymity, has it that KCCA is busy recruiting people in a way contrary to the law.

According to the K.C.C.A Act, workers to be employed by the authority have to pass through public service scrutiny for interview, but this has worked to some and ignored to others, it is now a technical know who, other than technical know how.

People have received jobs in K.C.C.A depending on their religious back grounds, families and influence, qualifications are now a by the way.

Some employees who passed the interview and received their re-appointment letters from the KCCA administrators have been left to languish on street almost two years now.

Among the names of the employees who have received appointment letters but up to now have not been reinstated in their rightful positions are:

Azuba Ssemwanga.
Haji Kalinaki Mubaale.
Ssekatawa James.
Njuki Abdul.
Mulani Nyota.
Eng. Sebanenya.
Mulongo Levey.

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