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Leonard Umunna: A Bishop With Mentorial Credibility

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One of the leading Bishops of the 21st century in Nigeria is no other person than Bishop (Prof) Leonard Nwoma Umunna of the Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) International. Bishop Umunna is preparing greatly on his coming 60th birthday bash on earth. He is a Bishop whose mentorial credibility speaks volume of his spiritual calling among his mentorial sons and daughters in the ministry.

He was consecrated as a Bishop over 14 years ago and one of the leading Bishops in Ajegunle and Nigeria whose public views and messages are well-respected. He loves using the media to air his views on the present security challenges affecting the country and others. His humble ministerial background prepared him ahead of his ministerial peer groups whose meteoric rise continues to attract encomium of praises of a God- sent servant with integrity.

Bishop Leonard Umunna who started his ministerial career at 9 but never allowed scandalous allegations to thwart his calling in life. One thing about Bishop (Prof) Umunna is that he appreciates every good thing that comes his way. His self- ministerial assessment in life has creatively helped him to grow from grass to grace. He is not perturbed by what people say about him in a negative way but only interested on the mantle given to him by God.

He is not an arrogant bishop that discredits other younger ministers but rather supports their ministerial development in their lives. He is the only Ajegunle Bishop that has love for younger ministers of God without hesitation. How many of these today Nigerian bishops can their mentorial sons and daughters still admire their mentors with credibility but Bishop Umunna is one minister of God that has that mentorial credibility for young pastors.

At 60, Bishop remains a minister after God's heart with mission to see other ministers of God excelling in their various callings in life. A bishop of many parts with intellectual sagacity to see that all Bible lifers are sought after in Nigeria and abroad.

In one of the recent interview granted by the Nigerian Voice Online and Mindset Media Limited to one of the notable products of Bishop Leonard Umunna, Bishop Dr. Matthew Omodiagbe, the General Overseer of the Liberation Word Evangelical Ministries said Bishop Leonard Umunna is my spiritual father whom I served for 10 consecutive years as a minister even when I got admission to the higher institution in Kaduna and came back, he still absorbed me.

I got born again in Bible Life Church and went through Bible Life Academy and later lectured in the school. Even when other ministers of God rebelled against him, I was still there. I told myself that Bishop Umunna is a father I cannot rebel against. When others left and I was still there to fulfil God's assignment in my life. In 1993 when I heard the voice of God to start a ministry and I prayed. God spoke to my Bishop Umunna to me that God has called me.

He sent for me to see him and he got God's confirmation in my life and called other ministers of God together with him to pray for me. He also gave me some tips to start a new ministry. His advice to me not to rush to start a ministry and you must understudy other churches andministers first. I received a divine blessing from my spiritual father, Bishop Leonard Umunna. He is a minister of God that I respect so much that has value for mentorial sons and daughters.

Another mentorial son of Bishop Leonard Umunna who has many a time testified the tenacity of blessings received under the mentorship of Umunna, Rev. Felix Idodo, the Delta born minister of God who passed through the tutelage of Professor Umunna has said bishop gave him a platform to excel in ministry. Today, I have authored several books and my ministry is fast- growing in all levels through the ministerial knowledge and wisdom I received from Bishop Umunna. He told Mindset Media Limited that Bishop Umunna remains his mentorial father of fathers in Nigeria.

I cannot imagine myself if I did not pass through Bishop Leonard Umunna in ministry. My present at Bishop's celebration on 50years on the pulpit last year was as a result of the great impartation of wisdom I received from him.

Pastor Angela Ekpene- Umunna is one of the mentorial daughters of Bishop Leonard Umunna who worked into her successful career in life. She is a refined registrar of Bishop Umunna schools and obtained a masters degree with epitome of total commitment to the things of God in her life. Nobody that serves Bishop Leonard Umunna would ever remain the same person again even if such person is an recluse or being cursed. Pastor Angela Ekpene- Umunna is one of the committed ministers of God whose honesty has helped her to excel in life.

She is a first class compere that anchors some of the Bishop programmes whose creativity has helped the ministry to grow in all ramifications. Bishop Umunna is fondly called as 'Daddy' while Pastor Angela Ekpene- Umunna sees Bishop Umunna as a role model and father to her success in life.

One thing about Bishop Leonard Umunna is that he assesses his speeches in every programme he organised to know whether he performed or not. In his recent concluded second edition of the Valentine day of Annual Sports and Cultural Arrival, he asked one of his employed church workers what was his opening remarks was like. A good Bishop must learn from others which Bishop Umunna has since demonstrated.

He celebrates successes of others without qualms. That is why he remains faithful to God for all the wealth of experiences he garned over the years. Evangelist Zebulum, the newly promoted Sunday Times Deputy editor and the direct media officer to Bishop Prof Leonard Umunna always testify the goodness of the Bishop in all levels, Bishop Leonard Umunna promised to celebrate Zebulum for his new status in office and respects him for his media promotion given to Bible Life Church International. Bishop is a great servant of God that knows his calling with mission. His glorious mission to help less privileged ones to excel among their equals in life.

Unlike some Bishops who accumulates wealth to themselves. It is not about receiving the ordinations of Bishop, Pastor, Archbishop, Primate and others but to add value to life which Bishop Leonard Umunna has exhibited in past and present times. He is not a bishop or professor of doom but sees what other Bishops cannot see in life or ministry. He is an unimpeachable Bishop with forward-thinking of magnitude in life.

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