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ICC Responds to Intersociety letter on Investigations of Boko Haram

By Intersociety
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Our Reference: INTERSOC/NG/003/06/14/1CC
Ms Fatou Bensouda
Chief Prosecutor for International Criminal Court
Office of the Chief Prosecutor, Maanweg, 174
2516 AB The Hague, The Netherlands
Dear Chief Prosecutor,

Re-Information Received-Review Letter-OTP-CR-181/14

(Security & Rule of Law, Onitsha-Nigeria, 3rd day of June 2014)-The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety writes to acknowledge your letter to us under reference. Your letter is in response to copies of our two-part letter to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, dated 29th and 31st June 2014, which we copied to your respected office. The two-part letter is titled: 'Boko Haram Terror & Other Unlawful Killings: A Demand For Presidential Invitation Of The Chief Prosecutor For International Criminal Court For Investigation & Prosecution Of Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes & Related Others-Parts 1 & 2'. The part three of the letter under reference, which may most likely be the concluding part is in making and will be released within the ongoing week.

Your respected office had in your letter to our organization, dated 2nd June 2014, signed by M.P. Dillon, Head of Information & Evidence Unit of Office of The Prosecutor, said as follows: 'Dear Sir, Madam. The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges the receipt of your documents/letter. This communication has been dully entered into the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision. Yours Sincerely, M.P. Dillon, Head of Information & Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor'. Your letter in quote also contained the French version.

We thank your respected office for deeming it fit to acknowledge and appreciate the letter. Allowing 'butchers of this modern man-machine environment' to have a field day in afflicting the global community with deafening 'atrocity crimes' is the worst abdication of our collective and individual civic responsibilities; part of which is 'to create peace times at all times' and 'rebuild at all times whenever evil men destroy'. We must put an end to immunity and impunity enjoyed by group and individual atrocity criminals be they 'Boko Haram butchers' or 'barbarous Lord's Resistance Army'. The Era of using 'religion' to commit atrocities of the Yore must no longer be allowed a space in modern global community. A copy of the third part of letter of ours under reference will be sent to your respected office before this week goes by.

Yours Comradely,
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety

41, Miss Elems Street, 2nd Floor
Fegge-Onitsha 430003, Anambra State
Southeast Nigeria
Phone: +2348100755939 (office hours, 9.30am, Mon. -Friday)

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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