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On Sunday 11th 2014 the world celebrated mother's day, people did every thing in their reach to make their mums happy. It was a great time for parents to reflect on all what they went through just for you and me to be existing today.

The question on table is, should we always celebrate mother's day, or it is wastage of time and money.

What can be the Islamic perspective on this matter is where we are going to base this discussion.

The Islamic fraternity has two days to celebrate that is Eid Aduha and Eid Al-ftr.

If you innovate or you 'copy and paste' from other beliefs to Islam, you are not rewarded for that act or practice.

The messenger of Allah Muhammad peace be with him, said in one of his traditions 'Hadith' 'whoever innovates in our ''Amri', Islam teachings, his effort will be a waste and his deeds will be given back to him '.

On the issue of Mother's Day, one asserts that every day is a mother's day; every day has to be a father's day, there is no special day and ordinary day for your mother and Dad.

Our Parents must be a priority to us, we must celebrate there presence always.

Remember a companion who asked the prophet of Allah Muhammad PBUH, 'Which person he should give an upper hand, care and love?

The messenger replied 'your mother', and repeated it three times and on the fourth time, he said your Dad.

The blessing on this earth and hear after can only be achieved through fearing God 'Allah' and being obedient to the parents.

In the west and some European countries, people send their elderly parents to nursing homes; here in Africa it is in South Africa, where they have similar centers called hospices.

However, we have to note that this has been a culture for the white South Africans, though blacks are increasingly adopting it.

In these hospices or nursing homes some one keeps his parents in a rented hostel, and only checks on her on weekend or once or twice in a month.

The messenger of Islam, Muhammad( PBUH)said, in one of his traditions, Hadith, ''you will follow the behaviors and ways of those who came before you, step by step, to the extent that even if they will enter into holes/caves, you will also follow them''.

Today, we treat our parents like Europeans, celebrating their birth days, which may not be bad; however, we forget other crucial responsibilities, like having respect for neighbors, children and elders.

Africans have totally forgotten some of there roots, and copied the western culture, which is considered the best to them, forgetting their own.

It is great to copy from others, because you broaden your thinking however, you should always value what you have at your disposal.

Before embarking on any task, ask your self whether what you intend to bring is applicable to the society you leave in or not.

In Islam for example, the condition for some one's work to be accepted before God, 'Allah' is 'Almutaaba'a', this is an Arabic term which means to emulate and follow some one.

In this context, it refers to how important it is to follow the teachings of the Noble prophet of Islam Muhammad peace be with him.

(Q33:20) ''There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often''.

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