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Haiti Celebrates Africa Day

By DERNIS Catherine
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Port -au- Prince, May 26, 2014. To honor the 51st anniversary of the Organization of African Unity, Haiti joins the 54 member states of the African Union to celebrate Africa Day. On this occasion, President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe recall the ties between the people of Haiti and their brothers and sisters on the African continent.

On 25 May 1963, 30 countries forged an alliance to establish an umbrella organization on the African continent, and upon the signing of the African Unity Act the Organization of African Unity was born. From the beginning, the Republic of Haiti has wished to align itself with this unitary movement and in 2012 it became an Associate Member of the African Union.

On the anniversary of the continent's Unity President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe wish to recall the historical, emotional and cultural ties between their country and Africa. They also take this opportunity to commend the African population on behalf of the Haitian people. They renew their compliments to the members of the African Union for adding a new dynamic to the institution. They wish to thank their African brothers again for their remarkable expression of solidarity and fraternity following the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010.

On January 30, during the 22nd Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe recalled that the government of Haiti has made the reconciliation with Africa and South-South cooperation the two major axes of its foreign policy for the last three years. "Our dearest wish is to see the revision of the constitution of the Union achieved, in order to enable Haiti to adhere fully." By applying for full membership of the Union, Haiti reiterates its willingness to return to its roots.

To mark and strengthen the presence in Africa, President Martelly has chosen to entrust Ambassador
Stephan Ennery Déjoie with the mission of assuring a permanent representation of Haiti in South Africa. The new embassy in Pretoria has been operational for a few months. It complements the diplomatic and consular structure already in place with an existing embassy in Benin, honorary consulates in Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea Conakry and Ghana, and representations in Gabon and Ethiopia under consideration.

With economic indicators showing a sustained and steady growth, Africa is now recognized as the continent of the future. Like its African brothers and sisters, the people of Haiti see their efforts rewarded with a new economic recovery today. The resumption is ongoing, with a growth of 2.8 % in 2012 that reached 3.4 % in 2013 and 4.2 % soon to be expected in 2014.The Gross National Income per capita increased from U.S. $ 370 to 760 in 2012 (source: World Bank).

The modernization of Haiti's business environment, with the enhancement of the Centre for investment facilitation and a single window approach, has generated an annual increase of foreign direct investment of 20 % compared to 2010-2011.

With an African soul on Caribbean soil, Haiti is more than ever following in the footsteps of twenty-first century Africa, those of emergence and democracy. Haiti therefore envisions a mutually enriching fraternal union, drawing upon the strong example of Africa for all its people.

About the Government of Haiti

President Michel Martelly is the constitutional President of Haiti, elected by 68.5%, since 14 May 2011. Laurent Lamothe is Prime Minister of Haiti since May 16, 2012. They form a unique tandem in the history of Haiti to straighten a country plagued by years of disasters and poor governance. Laurent Lamothe, 42, chose to serve his country making use of the talents that made him a successful entrepreneur. In 1998, he created a telecommunications company named Global Voice Group - it is based in South Africa and operational in twenty African countries.

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