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By Damian Onoja
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Truth though sometimes is difficult to tell, but its ability to save can never be over emphasized. The ongoing ugly situation in Nigeria is a product of untruthfulness. Had our leaders told the truth, the situation wouldn't have gone fatal as we have. Psychologically, there are three kinds of people using health as the case may demand (i) Those that are ill but never know they are (ii) Those who know but have not taken any appropriate decision (iii) Those that are aware thereby taken the right decision.

What do you think is going to happen to the three above? You have the question to answer!

From the instances above, it can be deduced that their captivity is neither finance nor knowledge nor power, but ''TRUTH and AWARENESS.' The greatest tragedy that befalls a man is his inability to be aware of situation around him or been aware and without proper intake (fails to tell himself the truth). Can we conclude that our leaders are ignorant of the situation of Nigeria? No, but failed to the truth. Our leaders are having malarial but go for paracetamol instead of strong anti-malarial drugs, forgetting that pains and headache are symptoms of malarial.

Thank God for governor Jang of plateau who revealed parts of the truth in the news paper, according to him he says; some of those on the streets marching against the government are those who had held government positions and could not perform.

At a time like this we will know who is a leader and to be called legend. A leader is not the one who neither kills nor defrauds just as some of our leaders have done and some are still doing, but a leader is a person who protects and guards as to save lives, such are Moses and David in the bible.

If one is having a challenge of life and be able to tell himself/herself the truth and act upon, based on the theory of truth, it works like one taking prescribed drugs.

We look onto our leaders as parents and gods but have woefully failed. Fellow Nigerians, it is time we lift our basket of prayers and look onto Christ who is Ultimate parent and God to save.

Presented by Damian Onoja (Laogos)

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