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Insurgency: Jonathan Might Be Nigeria's Last President-Orji Kalu

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Following the lingering insurgency in the country by members of the

dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji

Uzor Kalu yesterday said that if the situation was not put under proper

control, President Goodluck Jonathan might be the last president Nigeria

will ever have.
Speaking to newsmen at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA),

Lagos shortly after arriving from the United Kingdom, Dr. Kalu urged

Nigerians to work together to ensure a stabilised internal security system

in the country.
According to him, the problem of Bokom Haram concerns not only the

President but all Nigerians pointing out that one of the major ways of

resolving the problem was for Nigeria to collaborate with international

organisations and countries in fighting the terrorists.

He said”Well, when I was travelling precisely on the 26 of April. I left

this airport and I spoke to the airport correspondents and I said there

was a need to collaborate with international organisations.

You see, this issue is not about President Goodluck Jonathan. If we don't

take time and work together as Nigerians, Jonathan might be the last

Nigerian President.
Jonathan might be the Gorbachev of Nigeria. And that is the truth, so we

better wake up.
Political class, business class, military, civilians must now stand up to

work for our internal security.
Internal security is more important than anything we have done and I

believe that once we are able to come together Nigeria will be alright.

As of now the country is in pains; the country is in problem and some

people are taking it very lightly.
We are suffering from pains of our people; we are suffering from pains of

the Nigerian system. This is not about which part of the country you come

from, it is about Nigeria.
Nigerian people should take what is happening seriously and I am surprised

that the political class and the private sector are still joking with this

This is a serious matter. Anybody's child can be kidnapped; whether it is

at Chibok or any other place, Nigerian should take this matter seriously.

Can you imagine how many Nigerians that have been killed; how many of us

that have been wounded. I want people to be as wise as my grandmother. I

want people to take this matter seriously.
Those girls kidnapped are our sisters; they are our daughters. It is

because none of us has lost anybody that is why to some people; it is

looking like a joke. We should stop taking this as a joke and take the

matter very seriously in order to move forward”
The former Abia State Governor further stressed that the country could

disintegrate if Nigerians don't come together to fight and protect the

unity of the country.
“We should not lose what we have. We should be able to come together as

one family and fight because if we don't take time; I repeat it for the

second time, Jonathan will be the last president of the name Nigeria” he

Commenting on whether the Federal Government should negotiate with members

of Boko Haram on the release of the Chibok girls, Dr. Kalu said that it

was necessary stressing that the lives of the girls were greater than any

other consideration.
According to him, “Government can negotiate formerly or informally. It can

send agents to negotiate on its behalf without getting involved. The US

does this in Afghanistan and other places. It can negotiate formerly or

He however called for a healthy opposition amongst political parties in

the country noting that it was good for the growth of democracy in the

“It is good for every government to have a good, healthy opposition.

People say APC is saboteurs party, I don't agree with that. In a healthy

democracy, there is supposed to be criticism. I want my party the PDP to

stand up. It is only in viable opposition that leaders will stand up.

Leaders will be sleeping when there is no opposition” Dr. Kalu affirmed.