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Celebration Galore: As Rev. Jerry Needam Bags PhD In Propaganda

By Churchill Onyemaechi
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To enrich the knowledge of those who do not know Rev. is the publisher of National Network Newspapers based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Recently, the Rev. Needam has been in the news with the exposure of his newspaper as one that thrives in unprofessional conduct. This is sequel to the exposure made by one Chief Chukwuemeka Eze, whom I believe is the publicity secretary to the Rivers State chapter of Action Congress to the effect that some people were determined to malign, scandalize the Amaechi's led-government, the unity government in the state and the opposition ably represented by Prince Tonye Princewill. Part of the revelation has it that Tonye Princewill and his lieutenants have been earmarked for assassination among other allegations or revelations.

Since the Action Congress leader, the Prince of Niger Delta politics in agreement with his legal counsel charged Rev. Needam to court for (character assassination) publishing a report ultimately targeted and believed by political watchdogs to weaken the former's (Princewill's) firm grip in the Rivers state political enclave, the latter has gone gaga with the issuance of propaganda infested press releases which are fit for the recycle bin.

Recall that as soon as our now ill President assumed power in 2007, he reached out to the opposition to participate in his unity government and stressed it should be replicated at the national, state and local government units. Based on this clarion call, the Amaechi led-administration extended its hand of fellowship in the spirit of unity government, to the opposition. Luckily, Prince Tonye embraced it by first withdrawing his case after due consultation with the party's who is who and based on his political prudence and the inestimable love he has for the state. Sadly, Rev. Needam has faulted the unity government arrangement describing it as: “connivance and secret pact with the PDP to undermine the Rivers people while pretending to be playing the role of a defender of justice and good governance” in a press release titled, “Emergence Of New Restoration Team: Rivers AC Admits Working For PDP”. However, the content of the secret pact was not disclosed.

Given what Amaechi's government, with the assistance of the opposition is doing in the areas of road construction, building and equipping of hospitals and schools, fighting of oil bunkering, transportation, employment generation, restoration of the garden city status of Port Harcourt , Public Private Partnership, etc, the likes of Rev. Needam and his New destruction oh! Restoration Team finds it difficult to see or look beyond their nose to see the administration's positive and people's friendly policies and programmes in place. Rev. Needam accused that: “The Action Congress in Rivers State which arrogates to itself the undeserved position of a watchman for the Rivers People against misrule and undemocratic programmes of the Amaechi administration is not comfortable with the formation of the New Restoration Team in the State” without stating in details of what constitute Amaechi's misrule and undemocratic programmes. Rev. Needam, Rev Needam, how many times did I call you? Do not be led astray because of fleeting gains you want to make through propagandas, name calling among others which has not worked for you recently.

You must understand that there is a sharp difference between Amaechi's government and Dr. Peter Odili's in terms of philanthropic moves to the press, while the former is frugal (i.e. miserly inclined) the latter is bighearted to the journalists if my source of information is correct and you benefited immensely from his administration and I guess that is why you are sticking your neck out. Be careful for the love of money is the root of all evil.

My advice, pray and fast 24hours seven days a week, if you can, till 2011 for God to install your own selected or elected governor come 2011 instead of releasing press statements capable of making one to throw up. With your baloney, banal and uncoordinated statement, some political observers have already mistaken you as one suffering from daylight hallucination. As you therefore mark your recently acquired qualification with pomp and pageantry, please count me out.

Churchill Onyemaechi, member advocates for good leadership, wrote from Eleme, Rivers State.