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” I Remain Fayemi's Major Benefactor” — Bamidele

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Public attention has again been drawn to a news item credited to a group of supposed indegenes of Ekiti State, currently masquerading under a phoney name tagged “Ekiti Good Governance Forum, (EGGF). This group led by one Kola Adeleye, in what appears like its maiden media experience since nothing of such has been heard of in the 17-year  political history of Ekiti as a state, obviously made repeated efforts to stand truth on its head.

While unknowingly celebrating its mediocrity by joining the current political fray in Ekiti as being dictated by its paymasters (APC), EGGF could not challenge us to name any of the 89 people-oriented projects claimed to have been attracted to Irepodun/Ifelodun federal constituency as a lawmaker in the three and half years.

Rather than addressing the issue at stake, the group and its clueless sponsors have occupied themselves with another secondary claim that “the project sites are full of bushes”, but not that they were not executed or they don't exist at all as we originally claimed.

It also beats our imagination how this EGGF was able to identify the locations of these eighty nine projects scattered around in over twenty communities in less than 24 hours of making public our initial claim. By all these acts of political misadventure, it is clear that the group under whatever name doesn't exist and whatever claims it makes should be treated as such.

On the issue of a challenge thrown at us to name some Ekiti indegenes MOB  assisted while occupying office as a Commissioner in Lagos State, we have decided not join issues on this. This decision is wisely premised on the fact that MOB is not like “Their Principal” who mounts the podium daily during campaign rally to mention names of those he is feeding, paying their hospital bills and house rents. This again he, “The Principal” did during a campaign in a major town within Ekiti South Senatorial Zone last week. We don't cherish this, we can not afford to play God and bask in misfortune of others.

But to desist from any act of pettiness and to put the record straight for the interest of Ekitis; Michael Opeyemi Bamidele can boldly say today that more than any of his peers, he has assisted humanity regardless of their colour, creed and religion. We shall not bother to go into details. But one of the ten major beneficiaries of MOB's milk of kindness as demanded to know by EGGF is John Kayode Fayemi, the executive governor of Ekiti State. From May 29th, 2003 to October 16th, 2010 the records are there. God and man (JKF) know this.

Ahmed Salami
Media Aide to
Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB)