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President Jonathan's and the Northern Conspiracy

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Chido Egbuna
The maxim that when the elephants fight the grass suffers is ideal here to illustrate how the northern oligarchy is trying to destroy Nigeria in her lust for power and control. The current political upheaval in the north which culminated in the Chibok kidnapping needs a closer reexamination. The northern elite in her quest to return and keep power is abetting and creating an environment in which Boko Haram can only flourish. Their political motives must come under severe scrutiny if Nigeria will survive as one nation. Elements like Boko Haram recruited or not that facilitate this goal of northern power is good for these northerner's ambition. As these group of men plan and executive their mischiefs to undermine the president, it is Nigeria that is on the brink of destruction. The northern oligarchy believes that it is their birth right to rule Nigeria even though history shows that the ruins and difficulties we are currently facing today is rooted in the northern imposition of their will and at times religion on the rest of the country. Politics and religion are not two good bed fellows. Boko Haram is having a love affair with these leaders unwittingly.

President Jonathan is a victim of the northern cabal to create a nation that is ungovernable for him. Boko Haram has become a tool in the arsenal of northern reemergence to power. While many have unjustly maligned the president for his inaction in the Chibok kidnapping, it is becoming more and more obvious that there is a northern conspiracy to create such chaos and make the president impotent. The president is an intelligent man who is treading the treacherous road and traps of his enemies with great caution. This is wisdom. While this writer has in the past pointed some fingers at some of the issues that every Nigerian is lamenting about with regard to the government's inaction about the kidnapping, a closer look would reveal the northern leaders participation in sponsoring, promoting, abetting of terrorism in Nigeria. The northern elite have created a monster that is out of control and which is about to devour them.

The media both at home and abroad has been a bit too barbarous in their criticism of President Jonathan. As everyone reacted with great passion at the beginning of this crisis, further close examination of the situation when the storms of passion have calmed would reveal a sinister conspiracy by the northern elite whether deliberately or unconsciously to become bed fellows with the devil, Boko Haram. The benefit that these enemies of the president are deriving from the calamities that is being visited upon Nigeria by these vicious enemies of peace cannot be ignored. As we examine the enemies of the president, the reader can come to a reasonable conclusion by examining the participants involved in the drama of northern politics, terrorism, religion, lust for Hausa dominance, and northern imposition of their lecherousness for power.

The northerners feel that President Jonathan cheated them out of the zoning principle which alternates presidential power between the north and the south by running for the 2011 election having finished his term after Yar Adua's death. These northerners felt betrayed by both Jonathan and Obasanjo who introduced the puppet Yar Adua's regime having failed in his ambition to become president for life. These northerners have not forgiven President Jonathan for refusing to step aside in the 2011 presidential election. These perceived injustices has created a fertile environment in which Boko Haram is flourishing. Also, the economic problems of the north and their huge illiterate populace has only fueled this fire. Considering all these factors, is the criticisms with regard to the Chibok fiasco justified?

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron who I am sure has a better access to classified intelligence than the average Nigerian echoed these sentiments that some of the criticisms that have been directed towards President Jonathan are “unfair” to use his words. When asked by Member Parliament Tom Clarke, former labour Minister and a highly respected expert on international development stated, “…Will the prime minister agree that the Nigerian government hasn't lifted a finger to protect its own citizens in the north as they were attacked by Boko Haram?” The Mr. Cameron responded , “I don't think his description of the Nigerian government is entirely fair. They do face a very vicious terrorist organization in terms of Boko Haram.” Mr. Cameron understands the complexity of this problem more than most Nigerians do. The northern elite are now worried that the British intelligence and American technical abilities would reveal these conspiratorial roles in the emergence of Boko Haram.

As I dig further into this issue, I see too many contradictions and political maneuverings that contradict logic and reason on the part of the northern political elite's role. I believe that these group of individuals are playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette with the faith of their country. While the northern politicians whom I would be discussing in greater detail later in this article are calling for help, they are at the same time trying to set up the president for a political pitfall that would undo and portray him as ineffective. These men are cleverly trying to destroy the president by their dicey game of sleeping with the devil to spite their political foe. This is precisely what the Mr. Cameron was eluding to when he addressed the British parliament on the Chibok kidnappings. They want a check mate as they are waiting for the president's next move with the girls being their political pawns. The north is trying the political of will of the president, exacerbating the strength of the military and creating a political environment that will guarantee their return to power. Will Nigerians understand this duplicity?

The first of these men is the governor of Borno State Kashim Shettima the first bed fellow in this vast conspiracy. Every country in the world understands that negotiating with the terrorist is an option that only leads to destruction. This type of negotiation is not effective because it can only lead to further kidnappings and political blackmail. If you free the girls today and grant these criminals their wish to release more dangerous terrorist into our society tomorrow, they would kidnap more citizens to create more outrage. This is why most governments do not fall into this political gambit which can only lead to future failure and lack of fortitude in the future to fight terrorism. Yet this is precisely what governor Shettima is recommending that President Jonathan do.

Many unanswered questions surround the governor in the many actions leading to the abduction of these girls. I have raised some of these issues in my other piece. For example why did the governor not provide adequate security for the girls? Why was the examination location not moved to Maidugiri as was requested? Why did the governor's wife not attend the meeting called by the Mrs. Jonathan? What is the governor doing to improve education in Borno state? Some of these and other perplexing questions remain unanswered.

Mr. Shettima revealed his complexity and dangerous political landmine that he is laying for the president when he told Christiane Amanpour of CNN that the president should negotiate with Boko Haram. To use Mr. Shettima's words, “The issue of negotiating with the terrorists- its out of the question. If it means talking to the devil, it means the devil can come down, we can get back our girls.” The president is a very intelligent man and I do not think that he will fall into this northern trap. I believe that the president wants the girls released but I also think that he is an astute politician who understands the northern political conspiracy to undermine him.

The governor in a bid to camouflage his real intention and where his heart lies engaged in political facade by calling the terrorist raving lunatics. Political observers are not fooled by such two faced talk. Even General Buhari has remade his image and is also engaging in similar though talks. While I would not go as far as calling the governor a financier of terrorism because I have no concrete evidence to come to that conclusion, the man's words should draw the inquisitive eye of the Nigerian intelligence agencies for further analysis. The Boko Haram has stated that many of the northern elite support them and give them money to keep them in their own good books. The interesting thing here is in this type of deception and double dealing, one must study his enemies carefully. I believe that Mr. Shettima has created an environment that has made the terror to flourish in his state. The circumstances leading to kidnapping of the girls needs investigating to answer many puzzling questions about the role of the government in not lending full support or even security prior to this abduction.

Another man of great concern is Governor Murtala Ayako of Adamawa state. Once governor of Niger state, he was also once the Chief of Naval Staff of Nigeria. This man clearly has ambitions of great proportions. Mr. Ayako wrote a memo to Northern States Governor's Forum advocating opinions treasonable in nature and informing them that the north is on her own and alleging and aggravating the passions of these men who would want to see the downfall of a southerner who is currently the head of state of Nigeria. Mr. Ayako made some unsubstantiated allegations about genocide that has been perpetuated on the north and accused the government of assassination attempts on his life and that of other prominent northerners. You see regional politics here at the highest level. Mr. Ayaka's diatribe and memo is another puzzle in the northern conspiracy to bring down President Jonathan's administration. For this reason, he is another bed fellow with the devil and the manifest Boko Haram activities in Nigeria. Once again, while I am not accusing him of direct involvement in financing Boko Haram, as an enemy of the president, his benefits and statements cannot be ignored.

As with most Nigerian investigations, Mr. Ayako was interrogated for his statements and a warning was issued by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar who warned all politicians about the danger of making inflammatory statements that can divide and exacerbate passions and disunity among Nigerians. Beyond this, nothing further came out of this highly treasonable statement by Mr. Ayako. The men of the north in their lust for power would rather destroy the country rather than allow peace to reign. These men and Boko Haram need each other and in a twisted way are enemies of a stable and prosperous Nigeria. Ayako's memo to his fellow northerners revealed his inner thought patterns, he stated referring to the Boko Haram, “ …Should we not.. consider a declaration of Northern Amnesty to the culprits (of the Northern insurgency) and consequently squarely address all the matters connected with the Amnesty and Boko-Haram syndrome”

The enemies of President Jonathon are trying to destroy the country in their ambidextrous activities and unquenchable lust for power and the presidency returning to the north. How about what is best for Nigeria? Why does the northern oligarchy think that ruling Nigeria is their patrimony? Has the Chibok kidnapping become a northern chess game which is turning sour? Making Nigeria ungovernable for President Jonathan is a dangerous game which if not arrested can backfire on the north as the monster they have created, the Boko Haram may finally devour them and destroy the head that created it. Finally, the northern elite should give peace a chance and stop geopolitics and serve the best interest of Nigeria. The international community rallied around President Jonathan because they believe in what he is doing to make Nigeria a better country for all of us. The administration may not be perfect but what is the alternative, Boko Haram?

A free lance journalist in the USA and is a frequent contributor and expert on Nigeria and international politics. You can contact him at [email protected]