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12,000 Nigerians killed so far by sect' says Jonathan, as UK send military advisers

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Preisdent Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in Paris, France said Boko Haram has killed no fewer than 12,000 Nigerians.

 According to him  “Since 2009, we have had to contend with many attacks and killings, which have now developed into a full-scale war targeting the stability and integrity of our Nation. Boko Haram has launched a vicious guerrilla-style campaign against the government and the people of Nigeria. 

Jonathan stated that “It has attacked schools, slaughtered students in their dormitories, destroyed villages, communities and government infrastructure and has wreaked havoc on the economic and social life of our people.

According to him “This unconventional war has so far claimed over 12,000 lives, with more than 8, 000 persons injured or maimed, not to mention the displacement of thousands of innocent Nigerians.We have developed intelligence, which indicates clearly that global terrorist networks are deeply involved in the recent activities of Boko Haram, which has now turned into an integral part of the Al Qaeda network as the West African Branch. 

The President also said “At the international level, we should take concrete steps to designate the Al-Qaeda in West Africa, alias Boko Haram, as a Terrorist Organisation on the basis of the Proscription Order that my government has already imposed on the organisation,” Jonathan said.

Meanwhile, the  United Kingdom, on Saturday, offered to send advisers to help the Nigerian military organise its efforts to fight Boko Haram, which is threatening to destabilise the wider region.

British Foreign Minister, William Hague, speaking before the beginning of the summit in Paris, said the Nigerian military was not organised in a way to deal effectively with the Islamist group.

“Nigerian security forces have not been well-structured for this kind of thing and that has been shown by the problem getting worse,” Hague told reporters.

“We can help with that which is why we are offering to embed military advisers within the Nigerian headquarters.”

But Nigeria must still lead the way, he said.
“Nigeria has the main responsibility and must be the leading nation in tackling this and that includes to mount an effective security response and improve development,” he said.