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The Shimei in Odimegwu Onwumere

By Ike Dike
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There is certainly no doubt that the man Odimegwu Onwumere is a madman. There is also no doubt that he is on a paid job to be the insulting machinery for his master.

His activities since 2009 though odd are not new to man's experience for there are biblical parallels. In second Samuel, chapter 16 verse 5, the bible gave an account of one certain Shimei, a descendant of Saul's house who took it upon himself to insult King David in the darkest hour of his life. David ignored the curses but triumphed after and the insults of Shimei turned to blessing while Shimei was doomed. If a great man like David was insulted by a vagabond and he took it with equanimity, why should we bother with a paramount dreg of society? A fellow who does not know when his next meal will come. I am only sorry for Odimegwu for his time in writing is fast running out.

Governor Orji's speech as quoted by Odimegwu is in line with his position as the Chairman of South East Governors' Forum. We could vividly recall that on March 13, 2014 the Southeast caucus made up of governors and delegates met in Enugu and articulated what will be the Igbo Agenda. It was here too, that General Ike Nwachukwu (rtd.), a proud and accomplished Abian was appointed the leader of the Southeast delegates. Nwachukwu was nominated by Sir T.A. Orji and the Abia Governor rightly presided over the meeting in the presence of Governors Martin Elechi and Sullivan Chime, Ebonyi and Enugu respectively. Imo and Anambra sent their deputies, so what stops Governor Orji speaking authoritatively when he is by power and authority responsible to and supportive of the Igbo agenda?

The guerilla journalism style of Odimegwu is well known in his milieu. The world knows equally the worth of Chief T.A. Orji in deeds and words. His achievements and people-oriented governance is tried, tested and tasted.

Onwumere no doubt roots for Orji Uzo Kalu whose tenure in Abia was chiefly characterized by woes, tears and debauchery. Onwumere's intent is to shoot down a man who is already atop the Iroko tree or dwarf the achievements of Chief T.A. Orji so that comparisons would not be made between Orji and Kalu and questions asked.

In most texts I have read written by Onwumere, they are characterized by caustic expressions and acerbic references. Aides of Governor T.A. Orji have been ceaselessly calling on him to show them one achievement of Kalu. Is it in policy formation or physical projects? Could these be the International Conference Centre or the new Government House complex at Ogurube layout? Onwumere should tell us if the phantom achievements of Kalu are the Ubani multiple red-roofed buildings that Kalu cannot deny its existence? The dazzling colours of the ultra-modern market are cynosures that confront Kalu on his sneaky journeys to Igbere.

His reference to Akwa Ibom is a ploy to get Abia into loggerheads with Chief Godswill Akpabio. Akwa Ibom has her different needs from Abia. The two PDP Governors are busy providing the varying needs of the neighboring states and I may not go into itemizing as if we are competing. Mind you, I am not in government or an employee of Abia governor but should always say the truth as a clergyman. Now Odimegwu and master, what have you achieved since this campaign of calumny and deceit? In 2011, Governor Orji was reelected with high digit votes; a staunch PDP constituted House of Assembly and more. Recently, he was elected Chairman of South East Governors' Forum. Are these not points of strength and acclamation?

Odimegwu, if you have any scores other than empty claims and insults, stop Orji's senatorial bid. Let us bet on that if you can stop him.

No use wasting ink and paper reacting to Odimegwu's deliriums.

T. A. Orji cannot be dragged into these backwater bickerings.

May God have mercy on Odimegwu Onwumere and his likes. Sir T.A. Orji is the Lord's anointed and cursing him like Shimei did to David an anointed spells doom for Odimegwu. May Onwumere pray for forgiveness lest the fate of Shimei be his lot. It is unfortunate that we do not learn from history even bible history has always been there.

Pastor Ike Dike, Divine People's Assembly.

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