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Occupy Africa: Drones Cannot Capture Boko Haram Generals

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Africans have been stung many times in the past, but must not give in to advice of Boko Haram Generals. Only Nigerians can capture Boko Haram Generals, not foreigners. Army has proved worthy in world peace and war missions; only confused and paralyzed from mixed messages of traitors at home, Boko Haram Generals.

No matter how Nigerians feel about President, they are courageously and fiercely independent. Armed Forces are noted as opposing Africom since they understand what it can turn into. It is why the President resisted foreign aids before now.

Report is that there was a mutiny. It sounds like a house is divided within itself between officers in high command affiliated with Boko Haram and soldiers whose lives are placed at risk, starved of equipment to fight back. Nobody would send Zaki Biam commander to Zaki Biam, which is the advantage of different ethnic groups. This must not be swept under the carpet because we have been hearing stories for a while. Another story was that soldiers in hot pursuit into the evil forest were ordered back. By whom, why and do we need foreign technology to find that out?

Boko Haram has become an opportunity for all kinds of countries to occupy Nigeria. It is déjà vu again at the table of amalgamation of African countries. Which in reality, is the disintegration of Africa by western influences, languages and culture. They have colluded and collided in the past and it will happen again at the expense of their hosts, if Africa is not discrete. We already have some mercenaries from France and Israel in full control of some African presidential guards.

One message that must be sent to terrorists is that negotiation with them is fruitless because it only encourages them to take more hostages for future negotiations. It is the same governors in the North and in the South-south of Nigeria that have been negotiating for terrorists. Once they are released into the custody of their Emirs and governors with stipulation that they would never repeat such crimes again, they grow wings and repeat worse crimes.

The best way to send the message to terrorists that we will not negotiate is to break promises made to them under duress during negotiations. That is, negotiate carefully and make sure you can shadow their movements, their dens and collaborators. If possible, plant devices in their gadgets, clothing or vehicles so that they can be watched, traced, located, and apprehended. When this is repeated often enough, they will realize you do not negotiate, you set them up.

If Africa has a say in what technology they prefer, where and how it can be deployed, fine. But do not hold your breath. Beggars have no choice. Each time a country or continent is occupied, you can bet the roof over your head that the place will never be the same again. Be careful now you may get more than what you ask for. Look before begging for local solutions, from abroad.

Africa was easily occupied by missionaries and adventurers with best intention not in their self-interest, by exchanging mirrors for gold. The rest is history. Since the occupation of Libya, their terrorists have dispersed into Africa south of Sahara. We have called on the super powers for help in dislodging these unwelcome adventurers from Sudan. Moved to Nigeria and Cameroon, we have no need to for massive troops on the ground since technology helps African-trained.

Well, is it time for verification by drone space intelligence? We do not want drones in airspace killing indiscriminately as collateral damage. We also have sensitive intelligence that others claim have already been sold to super powers in Russia, China, Europe and Americas for visa. There are differences between Wiki-Leaks, direct involvement in senseless self-destruction of lives, eradication of ideologies and properties ranging amongst different beliefs and cultures.

There are people of goodwill worldwide, sincere and willing to share. Unfortunately, they come wholesale with the bad and the ugly looking to exploit every situation for their selfish interest. We see how they pointed fingers to one another in Ukraine and destabilized the Country. All Ukraine was looking for was economic aids by joining European Economic Market. Libya is now worse than when Gadhafi was in power cooperating; and Syria is in ruins as was Lebanon.

There are extreme views out there whether this occupation was deliberately planned so that African countries can ask for help: invade under the disguise of supplying technology. Whatever the case, the discretion of these countries must be respected and accommodated as they have suffered greatly in the past from colonialism and its counterpart, neo-colonialism. We are yet to recover from either, and some Africans are so naive, they are asking for return to colonialism.

Our greatest Empires Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Kanem-Borno were destroyed by barbarians from the Northern continents, some of who still occupy the Northern part of Africa today. We are students of history, even when our destructive behavior indicated otherwise. Africans are generally very friendly and accommodating. However, through history it has worked to our disadvantages. We need to open a new chapter and be very sensitive and suspicious of aids.

Actually, it is ironic that United States included some hostage negotiators in the team of experts sent to Nigeria. In the first place, U.S claims it does not negotiate with terrorists. Then, African hostage takers, if they are really Africans, they would respond better and culturally to African negotiators than to Americans, not every time. Unless there are some Nigerian/Niger/Sudanese Americans in the team since USA can boast of most natives from most part of the world.

The victims of most of their crimes are the poor and defenseless women and children. Instead of waiting for the Army to defend them, they got sick and tired and resort to defending one another anyway they can. So far, they have driven some terrorists back, seized their weapons and killed some of them. Instead of seizing the opportunity to fortify grassroots effort, Major General took to his heels. Either Major-Gen. Ahmed Abdullahi or others are Boko Haram.

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