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Who Will Be The Messiah Of Our Time?

By Ajagbe Mayowa Samson
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WHO WILL BE THE MESSIAH OF OUR TIME? NIGERIA as a country has a rich historical background of both pre-independence,independence and post independence events as it unfolds from the stage of dark era to the approaching glimpse of light.History shall always tell of many brave Nigeria Leaders,
Activist, Monarhs, Leaders e.t.c. who have in one way or the other contributed to the attainment of this magnanimous freedom called INDEPENDENCE from the so called colonial masters.

Political Analyst then dissected this independence struggle to giving birth to many merits people have been agitating for, good examples is the ability of our own people to rule their own people,use of our natural resources to cater for the economic needs of the people and country, unification of all ethnic and tribe to stand as one.Perhaps then, with the populating figures of Nigeria,knowing the capability of its people, tribe, ethnic including the so much forecast future of the country, the national expression of "GIANTS OF AFRICA" was postulated.

After independence, with the forceful amalgamation of the northern and southern parts of the country in which many political scientist and strategist still queries till today, there were display of trends of power tussles among the elites and vibrant political figures in the country which resulted to a totalitarian or authoritarian rule also referred to as military rule.Anxious of power,corrupt leaders and leadership, regional and self interest politics could have been a probable course. Several attempts and steps to democracy is of historic significance in Nigeria today particularly of June 12, 1993 election which is widely regarded as most fairest and freest elections believed to be won by chief MKO Abiola was annulled by General Ibrahim Babangida.

Since then, the salvation of democracy fire rages in nigerian hearts untill year 1999 when democracy was achieved and ever since retained.The Purpose of this so much agitated democracy is to display the governance of the people by the people and for the people. Since then, the leaders we influence by political party and region loosing the focus they have for the people, Various promises in different sector such as education, employment, civil services,and so on have worsened, hitherto the leaders keep enriching their pocket, all the while making life miserable for the average citizen,cost of living increases daily, education sector is degenerating, health sector growth is of low rate, no employment opportunities for graduates and non graduates which has all resulted to high rate of crime in the country, religious war, corrupt minded leaders and followers, influential dispensed justice from various

quarters, mismanagement of all natural resources, siphoning of funds, all forms of killings, high accident rate on our roads, decaying infrastructural amenities, fraud, cyber crimes e.t.c.

The Public federal and state universities in the country called off their six months old strike some few months ago due to the inability of our so called democracy government to fund the university system and pay lecturer's salaries, the strike has led to the disruption of the academic calendar of most of our universities in which the author was also a victim.

The public federal polytechnics have been on strike for almost a year now and yet nothing tangible is done to curb this. Recently, about 200 secondary school girls were abducted by a sect known as "Boko Haram" for the past one month, yet our government is giving us series of flimsy excuses to bring back our girls, the educational system in the country rather than being a dream builder has turn to a dream killer through its corrupt leaders.

Still Nigerians awaits the messiah that would change all these political belief, messiah that would make life comfortable for all Nigerians, Messiah that would save us from Boko Haram and bring our

girls back home..........The question still comes up again and again "who will be the messiah of our time?

Ajagbe Mayowa Samson, A Human Right Activist And A Socialcratic Writes From LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.

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