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Fayemi must apologise to Ekiti teachers over competency test - Oni's Ex-Media Aide

By Lere Olayinka
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Former Media Aide to Chief Segun Oni, former governor of Ekiti State, Mr Lere Olayinka, has described the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi's cancellation of the Teachers Development Need Assessment (TDNA), otherwise known as Teachers Competency Test as "an election gimmick that cannot work" saying; "Fayemi should rather apologise to Ekiti teachers for harassing them with the competency test."

Olayinka, who reacted to the governor's announcement of cancellation of the teachers competency test in a release issued today said; "it is laughable that the same Fayemi, who accused me of inciting the teachers against his government, got me arrested and detained for seven days has now realised that the competency test was a bad policy."

Olayinka said it was because of Governor Fayemi's desperation to force this competency test on the teachers that he was arrested on October 8, 2012 and charged to court for inciting the teachers against the State government, added that; "In saner climes, Fayemi would have resigned for wasting the State resources on the failed competency test."

Olayinka, who noted that his opposition to the competency test was as a result of his understanding that it was only borne out of greedy desire of some individuals to lining their pockets with the State fund, asked; "Now that Fayemi has come out to say that he was wrong to have tried to impose the test on Ekiti teachers, what happens to his claim that I incited the teachers against the government? What also happens to the harrowing period that he made the teachers go thorough?"

"I have said before now that Governor Fayemi is wicked and deceitful.

"He is only coming out now to deceive the teachers with the cancellation of the competency test because he wants their votes, but I am sure Ekiti teachers understand the governor's game too well.

"If Fayemi is not announcing the cancellation of the test because of the June 21 governorship election, he must first apologise to the teachers for harassing them with the test, and also tell Ekiti people what happened to the millions of naira taken from the state treasury to conduct the test.

"To me, Fayemi is only trying to be clever by half, thinking that he can deceive Ekiti teachers. But the teachers are wise enough to know that a man who denied them of food from January to November can never be seen as a friend if he brings ship loads of food in December," Olayinka said.