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Group sets 20 years roadmap for S/East, S/South regions

By The Citizen
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A group of professional under the auspices of South-East South-South Professionals of Nigeria has articulated a veritable roadmap for developing the economy of the regions over the next 20 years.

In a communiqué issued after its two-day forum, with a theme '“South East South South Development: From Talk to Action”, held at the Grand Hotel, Asaba, Delta State, recently, it said that The Forum was held to sensitise the peoples and governments of the two regions on the desirability to build close and effective synergy for the wholesome and integrated development of the two zones taking advantage of the abundant human and natural resources available in the two regions.

'The Forum, after expert presentations, panel discussions, and enthusiastic interactive dialogue by the participants, deliberated and agreed on a set of resolutions, recommendations and actions, the most important being the adoption of a Draft Development Agenda for the South East South South Zones, christened DASESS 2035. DASESS 2035 is the veritable roadmap for developing the economy of the regions over the next 20 years. The roadmap will help refocus the capital, human and natural resources of the zones and enhance collaboration so as to better respond to developmental needs and the evolving nature of the 21st Century global knowledge economy,' it said.

According to the statement, the group envisages that the two regions should be the most prosperous and globally competitive region within the emerging MINT economies (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey) by the year 2035.

'The Forum noted that DASESS 2035 is only realizable in a national economy whose foundation is anchored on wealth creation and healthy competition. Unfortunately, the Nigerian economy as currently structured is based on the sharing of receivables from a diminishing non-renewable natural resource (crude oil), which is a major disincentive to wealth creation, hence our present under developed economy,' it said.