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By Kindness Jonah
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His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Barrister Babatunde Fashola (SAN),

Erudite Representatives of Ethnic/Social Cultural Organizations, Youth Councils across the Six Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria,

Amiable leader of Yoruba Youth Council, Comrade Eric Oluwole,

Eggheads of high notes here gathered,
My Lords Spiritual and Temporal,
Greetings of allurement to erudite organizers,
Greetings of technocratic reminder of our national forebears of this call neglected in their life times but resurfaced on the latitude of the truth never dies,

Greetings of adhesive collectivity of illusive bird called one Nigeria,

Greetings of realism in forging ahead with the chameleonic tail called Nigeria,

Greetings of tea-cup-party called one Nigeria,
Greetings of human rights center right to center left: Marriage of convenience called Nigeria,

Honour to youthful eggheads that coagulate divergent interests to such a pyrrhic moment,

Honour to envisioned gene-carriers of ecclesiastical emancipation of oneness in the rubbles,

Doffing of cap to youth erroneously called leaders of tomorrow in an enclave of swordic-moonic-grab all,

Youths of robust glitter,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I make bold to affirm my unalloyed support to this part-blazer in youthful reasoning across the length and breadth of the decorum-averse 1914 Britannic myopia. I would like to toss no coin of stochastic balance play in my tacit objection to the statuesquo of aberrations and concoctions of untowardness. What made me jerk up from the frenzy of delusion is the third objective in the paper of invitation addressed inter alia: to promote social inclusion.

I regard this as the geographic coagulation of the heartbeats of shattered hopes in the Robbin Cruzo's Island of unfathomable depth. It is the hedge as well as the clarion call for intertwining of hegemonic manipulations in the politico-religious chess game that take us to the garden path every now and again. Yes, social inclusion primed on the grammatical parlance of words-and-opposites in English grammar connotation is the summation of ill-feelings and nerve-soothings in hot political deprivative seismic region called Nigeria in the oxymoronic 'monkey worker-baboon chopper'.

It is not superciliously ideological at least from the platonic interpretations, but indepthly truthful in the view of the third eye. It is not the usual acclaim of disheartening exclamation of youthful depravation from the patronagic sharings of the booty, but lack of clarity in the sharing of the patronage itself not necessarily the booty since the word itself is belligerent. But we could still get peace without necessarily warring, at least, in the bombastic exchange of fire arms. We could still pursue vibrancy in solution-sorting without bloodshed, though only and only, when avaricious misunderstanding is tacitly arrested. So, I regard this august body as the key to pluralistic Nigerian national socio-ethnic miasma, if and only if, we play to the sole rule of business profit natal guide of profit optimization. A situation where religious disinclination takes the sail off the wing of reasonable flight, then playing to the gallery, even in this youthful brainstorming, is as good as done.

But if a mark on the sands of time has to be made by this gathering, then Nigeria must be seen, only and only, in the sparkling light of decorum, chaptered and versed, purely on democratic ethos of political equanimity. Short of this, we are all players on the gallery of deceit and avarice where the center cannot hold.

Youth of today in Nigeria must stand out and stand tall to challenge injustice inscribed in the constitution that was helmed in by hegemonic secretaries of feudalism. That is why my hairs stood elated when I sighted social inclusion which I queued from social exclusion. Social inclusion is yearned because there is social exclusion. The vociferous abnegators of social inclusion must be youthfully named and youthfully amputated to drop the political castration of the Eastern natal star arising even from claustrophobic obscurity. Yes, my co-youtful gladiators, I make bold to assert the universality of justice as the progenitor of the globally accepted JP (Justice of Peace). Peace here should not imply swallowing of hook because of minority myopia. Minority itself should not be interpreted to mean numerical superiority, but numerical superiority ironed out on the garb of political contributions and ideologies.

It is based on this that I sermonize for Justice Before Peace, and not necessarily Peace because Peace endured is Subjugation which is really not Peace, but aberration. With all subcutaneous intent, therefore, I proclaim Justice for Peace (JP) not necessarily Justice of Peace. So, it is Justice for Peace, not Justice of Peace. This standpoint is imperative for togetherness in absolute terms in the geopolitical bric-a-brac of Nigeria's contortive oneness of higgledy-piggledy.

Nigeria is mixed up without order, and that is the animate sore point in the arid zones of religious forced conversions by marabouts which is the disequilibrium of the equatorial rain forest of the littoral quarters in the Deliliac marriage of Ahabic King. Let Chinua Achebe now resurrect to tell us that the Center can now hold.

Therefore, mistake of 1914 is the lesson of 2014, and the convener of this 1st National Youth Dialogue. It is primarily dialogic otherwise, it is monolognic, then it is unmitigated somnambulistic. If it is somnambulistic, then it is simply decodable by necromancy which is then theological in both interpretation and application, which then is ultravires the human realm as we are willy-nillied to oblivion. We say no ditto to such para-human or spiritually avatarical decoding in solving democratic usher-ins. But thank goodness we concur to the ethos of democracy to reach conclusions. If then democracy, Justice dissipation becomes hop-son choice. Then natal star arising from the East with hips of injustices since Gowonic no-victor-no-vanquished would want to be heard and cherished. This is the call of this Conference.

Let us have Nigeria where everybody would be really proud to be Nigeria. Who made Jumai an icon of respect in the Coal City, but Charity Uzoechina an object of rape-and-forcefully-convert-and-marry-out in the Power State?

Is it not the same born-to-rule toga of fiendish manipulation that smuggled sharia into the 1999 Constitution and invited the jihadist Lizards of destruction called boko haram? So, as the Youths gather to twist brain cells to fathom the illusive solution to Nigeria's problem with youths as launch pads, let us categorically point out that the mistake of 1914 is the disequilibrium of 2014 in the centenary of celebration by the hegemony of not Arab Contractors of Engineering Constructions, but Arabiscizers. Arabiscizers put sharia in Nigeria's 1999 Constitution, which is the indubitable harbinger of boko haram: deny not the sun as the source of light.

If, therefore, we must forge ahead as Youths, we must breakaway from this satanic past and press for a true Nigeria built, 100%, on Justice Before Peace, not otherwise. My Igbos would say 'if you do a child like his mates, he becomes happier'.

As youths, we point out, not ephemerally, that Structural Imbalance of 1914 and sharialized Constitution of 1999, plus untrue Federalism are the tripartite evils of destruction rampaging against justice and patriotic oneness in Nigeria. These three centenary evils must be undone for Nigeria to move forward:

(A) Make Nigeria, 100% a Secular State where religion with its applicabilities is not mentioned at all in the Constitution such as: sharia, jihad, sharia court and all that nonsense. Remove Arabic writings from Nigeria's currency.

Rebuild the tops of National Assembly and Aso Rock to remove all doom signs of the islamic moon and sword. No Federal Institution in Nigeria should bear any religion's sign or its motto written in Arabic or named after a religious leader. To this wise, Igbo Youths Council calls for the Renaming of the following universities:

1. Uthmandanfodio University Sokoto should be renamed Shehu Shagari University Sokoto because Uthmandanfolio was an islamic leader, while Shehu Shargari was a Nigerian democratic leader.

2. Ado Bayero University Kano should be renamed Ababakar Rimi University Kano because Ado Bayero is an islamic emir, while Abubakar Rimi was a Nigerian democratic leader. There should be no sentiments: everything islamic in Nigerian Constitution should be 100%, obliterated.

(B) States and Local Government Areas should be created equally among All Geopolitical Zones.

Since Northwest has Seven (7) already, there should be fifty (50) states in All:

- North West: 8 - States with One (1) Extra: Zaria State

- North East: 8 - States with Two (2) Extra: Mambilla State and Amana State.

- North Central: 9 - States with Three (3) Extra: Apa State, Confluence State and one other.

- South West: 8 - States with Two (2) Extra: Oke-Ogun State and one Other.

- South South: 9 - States with Three (3) Extra: Anioma State, Blue River State and Ogoja State.

- South East: 8 - States with Three (3) Extra: Aba State, Orlu State and Adada State.

Each State should have equal number of Local Government Areas or each State should create as many as it can fund.

(C) True Federalism enshrined in the Sharing Formula

Federal Government State Government Local Government
50% 30% 20%

The 40% of the Federal Government share is shared out to the States according to what each state contributes to the Center.

In all, Nigerian youths must be part of Decision Making at both the Federal Executive Council, State Executive Council and Local Government Executive Council.

Whereas we do not wish to revisit the rubrics of the Nigerian civil war, we as Igbo youths must say categorically clear that 1967 - 1970 war was, 100%, A JIHAD WAR to decimate Igbos and so, Ojukwu was, 100%, right in declaring Biafra then to salvage Igbos from islamic decimation in the garb of one-Nigeria. Now, Biafra may not be the panacea to Nigeria's problem, but we state it boldly that Yakubu Gowon owe it a duty to publicly apologize without conditions to Igbos for unknowingly leading Hausa-Fulani in Jihad war of Igbo-tribe decimation that killed more than Five (5) million Igbos. 'No victor, no vanquished' is only on paper. In reality, the glaring marginalization of Igbos since after the war clearly tell us that we lost the war.

Igbos did not loose the war, contrariwise, Igbos gained because Declaration of Biafra gave Igbos what to fight for and live for. The war ended to leave behind a Tribe earlier earmarked for, 100%, elimination and islamization by Hausa-Fulani. So, Igbos, 100%, demand for unreserved and unconditional apology from the then Nigeria's Head of State, General (rtd) Dr. Yakubu Gowon.

I end this treatise by quoting irrefutably one of the greatest world leaders, the very Nigerian born and illustrious son of Nigeria, the very frank, blunt, fearless and erudite hero-Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu:

'There can be no peace in Nigeria, until there is peace (handshake) across the Niger'

My fellow youths, whereas Igbos really do not have soft spot for Biafra again, it is a clear fact that embarking on true Nigerianization and religiously embarking on (A), (B) and (C) above stated, would ensure more than anything else, true patriotism and faith in Nigeria.

My name is Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah. I sign off my piece by calling for all tribes to put in their 100% to realize True FEDERALISM, 100 % SECULAR CONSTITUTION and EQUITABLE NIGERIA. Thanks.