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Truth Is Life [Eziokwu Bu Ndu]

By Peoples Movement For A New Nigeria [PMNN]
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The Peoples Movement For A New Nigeria [PMNN] observes with alarming concern that the Nigerian ship is drifting dangerously and in very uncharted and troubled waters. The government at all levels has proven totally incapable of righting the situation. The life of the average citizen has never been more challenged since 1914 and the tension in the land has reached an all time high.

Rather than buckle up and take charge, those who have found themselves in authority by rigging, by appointment, by arrangement, by quota system and by corruption are busy buck passing and frolicking while the masses are consigned to deepening poverty, alarming insecurity and overwhelming despondency.

Whereas the problem of unemployment, especially youth unemployment in Nigeria has gotten completely out of hand and in the 2011 elections, almost all candidates but especially the President and all the Governors in the country had promised unequivocally that they would eliminate unemployment if elected, the youths have been abandoned by government and are only remembered as vulnerable people to be criminally exploited.

It is shocking that even after so many youths have been led to untimely death due to the criminal and greedy activities of the Minster of Interior and the officials of the Immigration department in wickedly organized exercises that took place in many stadia in Nigeria, the movement notes that up till date, no official including the culpable minister has been sacked, reprimanded or punished in any way while the blood of the dead youths continue to cry out for justice.

We recall that in October 2011, the Peoples Movement for a New Nigeria[PMNN] had called on the federal and state governments in Nigeria to commence the payment of monthly unemployment allowances to unemployed Nigeria youths to at least mitigate the numerous challenges confronting them.

The suspended Governor of the Central Bank Alhaji Sanisi Lamido Sanusi had alleged that a whopping $20billion was missing from the national coffers. But President Jonathan rather than thoroughly investigating the matter suspended the Central Bank governor and his government even criminally but unsuccessfully sought to link his good name with the financing of terrorists.

What is even more shocking is that the Nigerian Labor Congress, the Association of Nigerian Students, over 99% of all the ethnic nationalities in the country as well as almost all the professional bodies in the nation did not showe any concern whatsoever. Indeed, corruption had finished Nigeria.

To be fair to President Jonathan he did not leave anyone in doubt as to his accommodation of corruption. Even at the inception of his administration he had boldly demonstrated his disdain for anti corruption mechanism in every form Even the issue of declaration of assets that was mandatory for such public officials, he refused to comply with.

Hear him:
''The issue of asset declaration is a matter of principle. I don't give a damn about it. If you want to criticize me from heaven. The issue of public declaration I think is playing to the gallery. You don't need to publicly declare any assets. If I am somebody who wants to hide it is what I tell you that you will even believe'' -President Jonathan.

According to the Premium Times ''Jonathan's secret assets deny Nigeria membership of global anti-corruption body. The Partnership was launched by world leaders in 2011 to ensure governments commitment to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and use technologies to strengthen governance.

Its membership has grown from eight countries to 60 countries in just two years and is now viewed as a mark of a country's high transparency standard. While Nigeria was spurned, six African countries have been admitted to the prestigious body. They are Ghana, Liberia ,Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa.

Jack Mahoney, the partnership's program Associate told Premium Times that despite showing an interest, Nigeria has failed to make the cut to be accepted as a member.

''Nigeria is very close to eligibility, but has not yet reached the necessary score. At last count performed in March 2013, the Nigerian Government scored an 11/16, and is therefore one point away from the 12/16 minimum score required for countries to be eligible to join, he said.

Top on the list of the reason given why Nigeria is still falling short is the blatant refusal of President Jonathan, alongside other public officials, to publicly declare their assets.

Mr. Mahoney also said to Premium Times that for a country to be accepted as a member, it needs to publish its annual Audit Report measured by the Open Budget Index[OBI].

The OBI measures the state of budget transparency, participation, and oversight in countries around the world.

Last year, Nigeria's budget scored a woeful 16 point out of 100 leaving the country at the 80th position out of the 100 countries surveyed. With 93 points, New Zealand was rated as the country with the most transparent budget followed by South Africa with 90 points.

Mr. Mahoney said Nigeria needs to also improve its score in the Democracy Index[DI] to be considered for membership. The DI is compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit and it measures the state of democracy in 167 countries based on 60 indicators grouped in five different categories: electoral process and pluralism, Civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation, and political culture.

In 2012, DI, Nigeria was ranked the 7th most terrorized country in the world.

The Peoples Movement for a New Nigeria[PMNN] joins the Media Rights Agenda[MRA];Budget Nigeria, and the Public and Private Development Centre[PPDC] to call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to task over the inability of the country to qualify as a member of the Open Government Partnership [OGP] membership.

The movement agrees with the other three NGOs that indeed, 'Nigeria's inability to meet OGP's eligibility requirements constitutes a major slur on the country's image and reputation, particularly in the light that six other African countries are already members of the OGP.

''Jonathan has betrayed the goodwill of the Yoruba. The man doesn't seem to have a clue about anything. First , he has no clue about governance. It appears as if he does not even have any slightest idea of what he wants to do. He never thought of becoming President and what he would do as President. He was just talking of transformation and I don't even think he knows the meaning of transformation.

The man is just being pushed around everywhere and anywhere. The only thing he understands is that he wants to make money and is making a lot of it. And because he wants to make money, he cannot tell people not to make money when they are making their own. So a lot of people around him are making money and he cannot do anything''-Senator Femi Okoruounmu-on the National Mirror of 12th February 2013.

*It has been alleged that Nigeria lost $390 B to corruption in oil, procurement contracts in 39 years.

*This government more than any other in the history of Nigeria has been guilty of gross and criminal concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, radically contrary to all Nigeria's constitutions.

The doctrine of separation of powers is important in modern democracies as it helps in ensuring checks and balances in the system in the realization that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

However, in the strange Nigerian experience that has introduced a unique aberration the concept of the co called constituency projects, the doctrine of separation of powers has been made nonsense of with the result that the legislators have clandestinely and immorally become an auxiliary executive arm of government and have largely abandoned their constitutional and traditional roles.

The National Assembly also further stretched the idea of supervisory functions to the ridiculous degrees that they have taken over the jobs of contractors in almost all government ministries and parastatals.

The issue of the salaries and allowances of the legislators is another matter altogether.

This Day newspaper of Monday 7th October 2013 threw a lot of light on the state of the opaque natures of the operations of Nigeria's National Assembly, beginning from the remuneration of its members.

According to that edition:
''In recent years, the remuneration of members of the national assembly has been a source of controversy and public debates with the subject of the arguments being mostly that the legislators are overpaid.

On September 27, 2013 , hundreds of Nigerian youths marched to the National Assembly to protest what they believed to be an unjustifiable package of incomes and allowances that are paid to the lawmakers. The protesters demanded more openness from the legislature.

Among demands presented to the National Assembly by the youths that day were a breakdown of how the federal legislators spent their budgetary allocations of N150 billion for the year and about N1trillion since 2005; functional contact information-phone numbers, email address and physical addresses of their constituency offices; voting records on constitution amendments; publicizing of the attendance list for each plenary; and the exact amount that each legislator earns.

A publication by the Economist magazine in July 2013 on a global comparism of the salaries of lawmakers in about 29 countries put the pay of Nigerian federal legislators among the highest in the world.

The report said each Nigerian federal legislator received an annual salary of $189,500[about N30.5 million]. The report which excludes allowances, examined the legislators' basic salaries as a ratio of the Gross Domestic Product and concluded that a Nigerian lawmaker got 115 times the county's GDP of $1,600.

The report by the Economist said Nigerian legislators were by several thousands of Dollars ahead of the counterparts in Britain who earn $105,400, the United States, who earn $174,000, France [$85,900],South Africa [$104,500], Kenya {$74,500],Saudi Arabia [$64,000] and Brazil [$57,600].

But viewed in terms of ratio of GDP per capita, the gap is even more staggering . While the salary of a federal lawmaker in Nigeria is 116 times the country's GDP per person. That of his British counterpart is just 2.7 times.

One can correctly describe the current government of Nigeria as made up of a bunch of clowns. Nigeria the reputed 6th largest exporter of crude oil cannot refine its oil but has to shamelessly export its crude and to import refined petroleum products.

Nigerian youths with little or no education easily build their own cottage refineries in the hundreds and thousands but the Nigerian government without any sense of propriety instead of assisting and encouraging the enterprising youths and finding ways of standardizing and regulating and streamlining their products relishes strangely in sending soldiers whom the call the Joint task Force to destroy the indigenously built cottage refineries. The same government turns round to claim that it wants to embark on a technological revolution-what a government of clowns whose place is not in Aso rock but in circus shows.

A government that has made it a policy and culture to sacrifice national interest on the altar of partisan and corrupt politics cannot seriously embark on any meaningful form of technological revolution. Technological revolution is not like a commodity you can buy in the market.

Technological revolution involves the synergy of the technological intellectual capital of a people.

A President who sees himself as a president and leader of only one out of many political parties in a country. Whose vice sees elections in a state in the federation as war. Whose government regards constructive criticism as treason, cannot embark on a technological revolution.

When President Jonathan talks of technological revolution, he is simply indulging in empty propaganda. Technological revolution does not come by mere sloganeering.

Indeed wonders shall never end. True, the Northern and the Southern protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated in 1914 and therefore 2014 would make a centenary [100years] of the amalgamation.-no one can dispute that fact. But is the centenary to be celebrated?

In the whole of the history of Nigeria the amalgamation was never celebrated and if anything the fact that the same nation Nigeria is in the same year 2014 embarking on what President Jonathan prefers to call a national Conference to ostensibly make sense of the Nigerian nations brings the paradox of the celebration of the centenary of the country in sharp relief.

Would a raped woman celebrate the anniversary of her rape? Even where a beloved child is the eventual product of such a rape experience, the woman may celebrate the birthday of her child but never the anniversary of her being raped.

The founding fathers of Nigeria, the Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwes, the Obafemi Awolowos and so on would be turning in their graves to hear that the government of Nigeria is celebrating the centenary of her amalgamation by the imperial Britain and even giving an award to Queen Elizabeth. What grave disservice to the motherland. Indeed, charlatans are now in power.

Also, all the former Heads of state of Nigeria and other so called elder statesmen and women who participated and who are still participating in the inglorious activities lined up for the centenary celebration have all collectively and severally betrayed Nigeria and Africa and they have shown that they may be addressed as rulers but not leaders.

For so many years the people of Nigeria have been calling for the convocation of a National Conference to right the wrongs in the polity. The current government initially described the calls as misguided and said that all that was needed was a visionary leadership. Suddenly the government somersaulted and set up a body to go round the nation and to get the views of Nigerians and advice it on the modalities of such a conference.

After the body had completed its assignment and submitted its report to the government the same government rejects critical aspects of the recommendations especially the recommendation that delegates should emerge from elections. The government as it is has reduced the national conference to nothing but a glorified seminar.

The conference is ongoing but as of yet there is absolutely no legal backing on what to do with its recommendations. Some people are saying that the recommendations of the conference when it comes should not be tampered with by the National Assembly but should undergo a referendum and automatically become law. Strange indeed.

The Peoples Movement for a New Nigeria[PMNN] wonders how the recommendations of selected body, handpicked by the President, the Governors, top mafias of religious and cultural organizations would supersede the mandate of elected members of the national Assembly. Time shall tell!

Many are calling for the head of the Governor of Adamawa state. They say that his utterances and his recent memo are provocative. In fact one Senator Hope Uzodinma form Imo state has asked the governor to apologize to the Igbo. He says that the senator's comments are inciting and may lead to another pogrom against the Igbo.

But any impartial observer of the governments handling of the Boko Haram insurgency including myself is likely to come to the same conclusions as the governor. At the least, the person would come to the conclusion that this government is dishonest and unserious about combating insurgency and ensuring security in the land

It is now clear to all that security conditions have dramatically worsened in all the states where state of emergency was declared by the federal government. Therefore the rational for the declaration of the state of emergency in the affected states has been totally defeated. Again, since the declaration of the so called state of emergency , terrorism has spread rapidly to other parts of the nation, especially to Abuja. And the question is, Why not declare state of emergency all over the country?

It must not be forgotten that it was a civilian government of Nigeria in the first republic was the one that invited the military to take over government in 1967.

A Situation where democratically elected State Governors are calling for the unconstitutional removal of other equally democratically elected state governors is simply preparing the grounds for a military take over of government

The fact that the United Nations [UN] is presently considering assisting Nigeria in protecting schools in the North East is a clear symptom that Nigeria is fast assuming the status of a failed state under President Jonathan..

Less than 48 hours after the terrible bomb blast in Abuja, the President of Nigeria was at Kano for a PDP campaign rally-shocking!Insensitive!

Some of the Governors present at the rally include Ibrahim Shehu Shema of Katsina state and Saidu Dakii Gari. The Senate President David Mark, Chief Whip of the Senate Senator Bello Hayatu Gwarzo, Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Minister Hajiya Jamila Ahmad Salik and other State Assembly members were also present at the Kano rally.

The total lack of compassion, crass abnegation of responsibility and downright callousness abundantly demonstrated in the attendance of a partisan political rally and the shameful dancing and laughter and merrymaking there and the indulgence is most indecorous and unbecoming trivialities therein by the President and Commander-in-chief of Nigeria, as well as by the Senate President[the Head of the nation's Legislature-who is supposed to call the woefully erring president to order],not to mention some State Governors, and ministers at the rally in Kano less than 48hours after the Abuja bomb blast that killed and maimed hundreds of Nigeria, have said it all and brought it all out in the sharpest relief, that indeed the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is to say the least bad for Nigeria and that the sooner he is shown the way out of power the better for all.

Yes indeed he had no shoes, and now clearly he is putting on shoes too many times bigger than his feet, even than his head ;and it shows brazenly in all he does and everywhere he goes.


I am not one of those who feel that the Presidency of Nigeria should be under normal circumstances rotated from one geopolitical zone to another. I would have preferred that competency should be the determining factor. However, that is not the path that Nigeria and Nigerians have chosen and in a clime where ethnic nationality, state of origin, and such considerations as geopolitical zones are the prime qualifications for occupying the highest position in the land-the Presidency ,let it be abundantly clear that based on those same considerations, the President of Nigeria come 2015 should not be from the South South, or from the South West , not from any of the three zones in the North, but from the South East.

As far as President Jonathan and the South South and the South East and Ohanaeze NdiIgbo are concerned they had a clear understanding that the South South and President Jonathan should support the South East[NdiIgbo} for the presidency come 2015.

Therefore any attempt by the leadership of Ohanaeze and/or the PDP Governors of the South East including the APGA Governors to cede it to president Jonathan should be seen clearly as what it is-a SELL OUT.

I was used to hearing that Nigeria was made up of 250 ethnic groups, but as the clamor for a National Conference reached its climax late last year, I started hearing that the number of ethnic nationalities in Nigeria was about 389 or 398, some say it is even more. What ever may be the number if every ethnic nationality in Nigeria must have at least 8 years of Nigerian presidency before we begin to use merit and competency as the yardstick for emergence of our Presidents, then it means that we must allot/allocate between 2000 to 4000 years to mediocrity and administrative madness before we begin the journey to govern ourselves aright!

However , any argument for the presidency of Nigeria hinged on the geopolitical zones and equity must admit without equivocation that it should go to the South East.

''So ,we are saying that since Jonathan is there now, he should continue until 2015,and then an Igbo man will take over. Having been sworn in twice in line with the constitution, Jonathan cannot run again in 2015.''

-Amb. Ralph Uwechue[President –General of Ohanaeze at that time] at a particular Ime-Obi [inner caucus] meeting of Ohanaeze NdiIgbo on Saturday October 30th,2010 at Park Avenue,Enugu, National Secretariat of the organization.

'' That is why we say that the presidency that has eluded South South and South East must go to them in turn in an unbroken succession, before any other zone. Meaning that will be 2015. Jonathan cannot be sworn in as president more than twice. That is what the constitution says''

Amb. Ralph Uwechue, Daily Sun, Monday, November 22,2010.

First Republic politician and former Minister for Information, Chief Edwin Clark in 2010 had commended the apex socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze NdiIgbo for endorsing President Goodluck Jonathan as a candidate all Igbo should support and vote for in 2011 presidential election.

Clark said that by the singular gesture, the Igbos had re-demonstrated an acknowledgement of the old tie between the South East and South South that he described as one entity only separated by delineations for convenience of political administration.

Clark, who spoke at Nsukka, Enugu State, at a weekend, at the declaration of Mrs. Chinwe Ugwu for House of Representatives elections said in reality, President Jonathan could not be separated from the Igbo, noting that it was very possible for President Jonathan's successor by 2015 to come from the South East.

you can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!-the Igbos say that ''uka akpalu akpa, bu isi ga eji ekwe ya-A man of honor is a man of his own words-but of course, there is no honor among thieves.

The Daily Sun newspaper of the same Monday 22nd November, 2010 in a report from Chidi Nnaji, entitled: OUR DEAL WITH JONATHAN, BY IGBO LEADERS goes thus:

''The quest of the Igbos to ascend the presidency seat in 2015 brightened yesterday as facts emerged that the tribe may have extracted a commitment from President Goodluck Jonathan to handover power to them in 2015.

This much was revealed at a South East Town Hall Meeting held at the Nike Lake Hotel by prominent Igbo sons and daughters. The meeting aimed at drumming support for President Jonathan ahead of the 2011 polls.

The meeting chaired by Justice Eze ozobu[rtd] a former President-general of Ohanaeze NdiIgbo saw Professor Anya O Anya spilling the bean when he said he had evidence of the Igbo leaders meeting with the President, insisting that he would not be that foolish not to have seen what would be coming to NdiIgbo in detail before joining in the support for Jonathan in 2011.

Anya said those who knew him in the last 73 years knew that he would not come to stand in a podium to drum support for any politician if not for what was on the table, saying that he had come out and times had changed.

He pointed out that five years ago nobody would have believed that Jonathan would be President neither would anyone from the South South zone, urged NdiIgbo to support him in 2011, as that was the easiest way for the Igbo to clinch the presidency in 2015. The professor pointed out that Jonathan had been sworn in once as President and would only be sworn in again in 2011 according to the constitution. He therefore disclosed that they had evidence of their discussion with Jonathan on 2015 Igbo Presidency project but said that:

''It was only a foolish family that discussed the secret of the family meeting in a public place''

Anya said the South/North rotation of the Presidency had long died in 1914, saying rotation among the six geopolitical zones of the country is more appropriate.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting, the Igbo, comprising political, social, opinion leaders of the South East said:

''The Igbo nation believes in , have worked for and shall always support all peoples, leaders and forces that promote the ideals of our nation as a country that offers security, political, economic and social justice to all its citizens and constituent units.

We urge our leaders and polity to pursue peace and unity, embrace faith and progress through sustained principles and policies –of power and practices that advance justice and that seek to specifically redress past and present imbalance in our national affairs, to ensure fair representation and access to national power of all groups in Nigeria,

''We particularly welcome all proposals in trend and under discussion to specifically address the place and future of the Igbos in national politics in 2011 and beyond.

''However , the town hall believes that the only lasting recipe to tame the struggle for power in Nigeria and make our politics more gentle; would be a constitutional provision that guarantees the rotation of power between the zones of Nigeria; In fact, the need to rotate power in Nigeria is now a settled issue; but the implementation remains problematic, hence the current balance.

''We believe that rotation of power should be conducted on the basis of existing geo-political zones; and not on the pre 1914 North-South divide. Furthermore, the principle of rotation of power should be binding on all political parties as a reflection of the unique history, needs and imperatives of the Nigerian Federation.

''Henceforth, rotation of power should be designed to immediately accommodate the zone that has not exercised the power of the presidency and then, it should next continue to those that have exercised such powers for the least period of the time in the past.

''This means that the South South should be supported for the presidency in 2011 and that South East should follow next. This is the position of most of our leaderships. Ohanaeze NdiIgbo as the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, and most Igbos''

Other prominent Igbo leaders at the meeting included former Foreign Affairs Minister, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, former Aviation Minister Chief Mbazulike Amaechi; former PDP guber candidate in Abia, Onyema Ugochukwu; former Information Minister, Chief Nnia Nwodo; former FCT Minister, Chief Chuka Odum;former NMA MD, Chief Ferdinand Agu; Prof. Sam Ukpabi, Chief Tony Emekam, Chief Ugochukwu Agballa, Senator Emma Anosike, among many others.

It is therefore a matter of grave concern that the same Ohanaeze that ought to be at the fore front of holding the South South to their word of honor and ensuring that the South East[NdiIgbo] are supported by President Jonathan, Chief Edwin Clark and other leaders of the South South give NdiIgbo their fullest support in the spirit of reciprocity, are the very ones working day and night to stop the Igbo from aspiring for the presidency. What a shame! What a sell out!

The Punch newspaper reported on January 28th, 2014 in a story titled: OHANAEZE TELLS KALU TO DROP PRESIDENTIAL AMBITION. In a story written by John Alechenu:

President General of Ohanaeze NdiIgbo Gary Enwo-Igariwey on Monday told former Abia state governor, Chief Uzor Kalu to shelve his 2015 presidential ambition in the overall interest of the Igbo nation.

Enwo-Igariwey made the plea during a courtesy visit to the former governor in his Abuja residence on Monday.

The leader of the apex –Igbo socio-cultural group said the appeal became necessary because of the need for NdiIgbo to speak with one voice on important national issues.

He explained that he had been holding discussions with Kalu over the issue for close to six months after the latter approached him to seek for support to contest for the presidency in the 2015 general elections..

Enwo Igariwey said:
''We no longer want a situation where we speak from different points that our agenda should be the same; that is why we came here to discuss with him about the presidential ambition he mentioned to me before.

''I have talked with him; we have shared our views and appealed to him to shelve it in the interest of the Igbo nation, to appeal to him to join hands with us to make sure we make our statements with one voice.

''That as a people, we would like that a great son like him should join in this discussion and appeal to him to shelve that ambition until such a time we take a decision on the issue in Igbo Land.''

According to him, the former governor has assured the Ohanaeze NdiIgbo that he is ready to join his kinsmen in taking decisions best suited for the Ndiigbo and the country.

He also said the visit was to urge the former governor to utilize his energy and expertise in making sure that the Igbo people speak with one voice.

The Governors of the South East led by the current governor of Abia state Theodore Orji have abandoned NdiIgbo and have already adopted Jonathan as their Presidential candidate come 2015 . They are even telling NdiIgbo that it is a taboo for them to aspire for presidency in 2015….Wonders shall never end. Indeed,there can be no end to Igbo treachery. No wonder the Igbos go down in history as the tribe that sold their own into slavery more than any other tribe on earth.

They sold into slavery at the tender age of 12 young Mbanaso of Umuduruoha in Amaigbo of Nwngene local government area of the present Imo state of Nigeria who later became King Jaja of Opobo [like the biblical Joseph], the sold Olaudah Equiano they sold so many millions of their own including a majority of the forefathers of the people of present Haaiti in the past and are still selling their own even today.

Where they open brothels, they populate them with their sisters, yet they claim to be churchgoers…the Judases of Africa who are ever ready to sell their mothesr, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters for little pieces of silver. Shame on the Igbo governors…and shame to the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo!

According to the Vanguard news paper of February 21, 2014, in a story entitled: NO IGBO PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDDATE IN 2015-GOV. THEODORE ORJI

''Abia state governor, Chief Theodore Orji has said NdiIgbo would not field any presidential candidate in 2015.According to Orji, any presidential hopeful from the South East geopolitical zone planning to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan will be embarking on a futile mission as the zone is solidly behind the president.

The governor said this in Umuahia when he received a delegation of Ohanaeze NdiIgbo Lagos branch, who were on a fact finding and country visit to the state.

Orji said as long as President Jonathan would run for second term in 2015, he remained best bet for NdiIgbo and should therefore not be distracted.

What nonsense! What stupidity! what treachery!
From all indications President Jonathan is not about to honor his understanding with Ambassador Ralph Uwechue now late. Neither is he about to honor his understanding with NdiIgbo. It also does not appear as if the people of South South as a whole are interested in seeing the Igbo succeed Jonathan. The South South, militants and all are asking the North to let Jonathan continue up till 2019 and to take over from then none is talking about the Igbo becoming President or Vice President.

If the government of President Jonathan was performing creditably, it would be a different matter but the truth is that his government is the most useless ever in the history of Nigeria. It a government that has failed in all aspects especially in the area of security of life and property of citizens.

It is unclear how many Presidents that Nigeria has now. One or two?. President Jonathan or President Dame Patience Jonathan.

The activities and utterances of the First Lady for some time now is giving the impression that she considers herself a second President. She summons meetings of state and federal officials at will. She threatens governors at will, She even boasts of how many new and female governors she is going to install in 2015.

As for her husband, the other President who does not realize that power goes with responsibility, his sense of priority is sickening. He simply does not realize that all citizens are supposed equal under the law.

When hundreds die in terrorism, he jets off to campaign and dancing. But when the relative of a top government official dies, he suspends governance.

If an adopted daughter of his is to wed, then the whole government apparatus must shift from Abuja to his village. Transformation indeed!

Now therefore, after careful considerations of the failures of the Nigerian state under Jonathan and the total inadequacy of his government to combat the maladies swallowing the polity, and out of deep love for the fatherland, the Peoples Movement for a New Nigeria[PMNN] humbly, solemnly and patriotically:

!, calls on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to declare his assets as at time of assumption of office, declare his assets as of date, and immediately resign from office and hand over to the Vice President, Architect Namadi Sambo.

2, Calls on the Senate President, Senator David Mark to declare his assets and to resign from office both as the Senate President and as a Senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

3, Calls on the National Assembly to enact proper legislation for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference[SNC] whose delegates must emerge by free, fair and credible elections in the constituencies they are to represent and with clearly spelt out modalities on how the resolutions of such an exercise can result in a proper new Nigerian Peoples Constitution.

4, Calls on all serious and patriotic deregistered political parties to join hands with themselves and with equally patriotic nongovernmental and civil society organizations to offer the good people of Nigeria an alternative government capable of righting the wrongs of the polity within the shortest possible time frame.

5, Recommends that the Minster of Interior whose ministry was involved in the criminal employment scam and scandal that saw to the loss of lives of so many Nigerian youths should be immediately arrested and diligently prosecuted. Furthermore, that all the monies that he and his cohorts extorted from the unfortunate youths be confiscated from them and returned to the youths.

6, Recommends that the security votes of the state governors and all monies from amounts above the salaries of senior lecturers in Nigerian tertiary institutions from the salaries and allowances of the Federal and state law makers should be pulled together in a Nigerian Unemployed Youths Fund and from which the unemployment allowances should be paid to the teeming unemployed Nigerian youths who wish to work but cannot find employment.

7,Recommends that all calls and moves for foreign investments to our nation Nigeria should cease pending the full pursuit and recovery of all stolen public funds after which it will be determined if the nation has any need at all for foreign capitals to meet its development needs.

8, Calls on the Security agencies in Nigeria to combat terrorism to a standstill and to ensure that all the abducted girls from the Government Girls Secondary School , Chibok, Borno State by the terrorists including the latest 276 be rescued within one week and returned to their respective parents. If they fail to do this then they must take the part of honor and all the service chiefs should resign immediately and leave the work for those who can perform.

Finally, it is a matter of eternal shame for us Nigerians and history will not easily forget that we once had a President and a political party that prides itself as the largest party in Africa, that believes contrary to elementary arithmetic's and common sense that the number 16 is greater than 19 and that we even had such believers of this absurdity whom we referred to as Excellencies!


Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yahaya Ndu
Peoples Movement for a New Nigeria[PMNN].