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Lagos threatens to sanction churches, mosques over noise pollution

By The Citizen
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The Lagos State Government on Tuesday threatened to sanction any church or mosque found disturbing public peace with noise from their loud speakers.

The Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, issued the threat at his Ministry’s 2014 Ministerial Press Briefing in Ikeja.

He said that government had been inundated with complaints from residents living near some religious places disturbing their neighbourhoods with noise and it would no longer watch the trend continue.

Bello said that worshipping God did not have to extend as far as encroaching on the rights of others to peace.

“It is not right for mosques and churches to disturb other people with noise from their activities, simply because they are worshipping God.

“Worshipping God should not come with so much discomfort to others.

“The ugly situation we have in some parts of the state is between four and five churches and mosques on one street blaring so much noise at the same time, thereby disturbing the peace of others.

“This is unacceptable and we can no longer tolerate this,'' he said.

The commissioner also said the government was no more comfortable with the volume of noise emanating from markets, club houses and factories, saying it might not hesitate to sanction operators of such places.

He said the government had sealed no fewer than four churches, three hotels and one factory last year for noise pollution.

The commissioner also warned residents, who were in the habit defecating in open places, to stop the act or incur the wrath of the law.

He said open defecation and urination was becoming a problem in the state, as it constituted a threat to public health and the environment.

“People just defecate openly anywhere and I think this is not good at all.

“Very soon, we will begin full enforcement of the law on open defecation and anybody caught will be dealt with,” Bello said.