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By MATHEW obaro
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Ages 24 to 30 are the hardest years of lie… not that they are always full of turmoil and grief, for some of God's greatest blessing are bestowed upon us during this time. But it is a definite stage of increasing confusion and darkness…and as I see it now, an unconscious struggle to find God and eternal life.

The climax (or the last two years of that period) is a mixture of awesome miracles and great mental and spiritual suffering. Looking back and only to be understood at the end of the year journey, God confirmed in a special way at the beginning of it that he loved us, and would bring us safety through this time of death and rebirth. I say us; because our birthday marked the day this phase began… For in is mercy and also His sovereign plan, He sent the one person in the entire world with enough love, humility and wisdom to sustain us in this troubled time.

When in search of something very vital to life, we go places before giving up but still all faith lies in God's hand because without Him nothing impossible could reign in our life.

Sometimes people keep saying some churches are only good in providing testimonies, while some people are only drawn to church because of testimonies. “Wow” this is a big one.

We need to understand that giving our testimonies is to appreciate God for what He has done for us and to give room for more blessings to come our way because if we do not share our testimony is like we do not appreciate the Lord's doing in our life, so how could we expect another when the one given to us is not appreciated.

I was amazed watching people giving their testimonies during live service at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, through Emmanuel TV. This channel is just like a tap that cannot stop pouring out water, i.e. so many testimonies glorifying the mighty name of Jesus.

Let's share some of these testimonies together, so that we can see what the Lord is doing at the Synagogue Church through the humble servant of God, T.B Joshua.

Mr. Samuel Ifon came all the way from the United Kingdom with a problem of sleep apnea and hypertension which he had been suffering from the past ten years. This sickness would not allow him to sleep more than 5 minutes because after 5 minutes of sleep he would stop breathing, for all this he was placed to on breathing machine for him to breathing well. During this period of using this machine, it's like putting on plaster on a deep wound without receiving a solution.

But all hope is not lost because nothing is impossible in the eyes of God almighty; he had about the Synagogue Church of all Nation, Nigeria.

So he came down to Nigeria and he was placed at the healing section of the church where the man of God, TB Joshua sprayed the Anointed water in his mouth after which he regained his breathing without any support from the machine given to him by his doctor.

In his testimony, he said “the anointing water that entered my mouth cleaned up my system because now my breathing is smooth and my brain is sharper.”

All is not over but there are still more testimonies because a shout of joy is more than sadness in the soul.

Mr & Mrs. Felix Emaobino from Edo state, Nigeria visited the Synagogue Church with problem of bareness and low sperm count, which they have been suffering for the past 10 years. They testified that they had visited so many hospitals and herbal homes in search of solution to their problem but to no avail.

They came to the Synagogue Church in search of healing to their ailment because they believe that Synagogue is the last drive for them; the man of God gave them the Anointing Water. They visited their doctor to confirm after some months, which the doctor told them that the wife was three month pregnant, both of them were so surprised.

They came back to the church with joy and excitement on their face of the couple on the 14thof March 2010 to show their appreciation for what the Lord has done in their lives. Mr. Felix said that the doctor told him that his wife would deliver with operation but when his wife got to labour room, he sprayed the anointing water the man of God gave them during their visit and within 45 minutes, he heard the voice of a baby in a loud tone. The wife is only full of happiness because she is short of words i.e the word she can used to glorify the Lord is unknown to her because what the lord has done for her is so marvellous in her eyes.

What a God we worship, what a God we serve. There is nothing He cannot do no matter how bad your situations look like; the solution is there in His name.