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Statement On Samuelson Iwuoha Latest Allegations –The Truth Will Always Shine

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Imo advancement initiative has noted with concern the fresh alarm and allegations raised by Samuelson Iwuoha in other to keep appearing in the news as somebody that is fighting a Speaker of a State assembly which in his thinking makes them feel important.

We reject these allegations with contempt as it is misleading and seeking to undermine the ethics of professional reportage and sane writing in civilized society like ours. In his write-up where he raised an alarm that there are plots to murder him and hang him in a tree outside the state. The Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly that we know is a practicing Christian who believes life is a precious gift from God and will not think of taking away what belongs to God.

Even though Mr samuelson Iwuoha is a well known alarmist and blackmailer who has in the past blackmailed notable citizens of the State and his family members. We still advice him to do the needful by reporting to the police and raise an alarm from the point that he wrote a petition to the police for proper investigation or accept the offer by the Imo State House of Assembly to protect him, if he can come forward with evidence to substantiate his allegations against the Speaker.

It is on record that the Office of the speaker has clearly proved that Samuelson Iwuoha and Kenneth Uwadi's allegations against the Speaker is false and was arranged to extort money and a car from the Speaker.

It is also on record that Samuelson Iwuoha's conversation with the current Senior Special Assistant to the Speaker on media was played in several radio stations, where he (Samuelson Iwuoha) begged the Speakers media man to help him tell the Speaker to forgive him for fabricating lies against him and that if the Speaker can give him 5m and a car, he will come out and tell people that he was not serious with his allegations.

It is equally on record that different stakeholders like the Imo State House of Assembly, journalists, Imo based activists and social crusaders, his friends and supporters has over the months called on samuelson Iwuoha to substantiate his allegations by providing evidence or just allow them, to privately have a peep on some of the documents but he refused and has not been able to produce a single document that indicted the Speaker of fraud which contributed to his abandonment by genuine media houses, friends and supporters who previously thought he was saying the truth, no wonder the Imo based activist and social crusaders are now on the forefront of exposing Mr Iwuoha and his team of blackmailers.

This suggests that the allegations against the Speaker, his family and aides are false and We want to appeal to media Houses that was deceived by Samuelson Iwuoha to publish inflammatory and unsubstantiated accusations or allegations against the Speaker to according to the ethics of the profession make amends and stop ridiculing their newspapers by publishing bare faced lies against Imo indigenes and the Speaker Imo State House of Assembly whose antecedents is well known to the good people of the Imo State.

In relation to the latest allegations against the office of the speaker, we want to state it categorically that they are unfounded, baseless and sound like what you hear on'' tales by moon light''. As the married aides to the Speaker has in one time or the other giving birth to beautiful and handsome children to the extent that within three months the Speaker and his aides has had the pleasure of attending dedications of two children respectively, as published by frontline newspapers in the State.

On the other cock and bull story he started telling people after it dawned on him that Imolites are knowledgeable people who will demand for evidence before supporting him to fight the speaker was to divert attention on his earlier allegations of fraud which he could not substantiate. No same person will pile up allegations on some body without at least substantiating it for his readers to take him serious. This is what samuelson Iwuoha does, fabricating allegations that exist only in his wired and insane imagination to the extent that well meaning Imolites get confused trying to figure out what he is writing about, because what he writes, do not exist anywhere.

It is glaring that Mr. Iwuoha”s latest alarm was as a result of the information he gathered that he was being sued outside the state and since he knows he cannot raise allegations on the judicial system that is independent of the executive and the legislature and also bearing mind his six months sentence in prison by a judge he led accusations on. he now raises an alarm that people want to kill him outside the state.

The Speaker of Imo house of Assembly we know, believes that there is no one above the law and that the fight against crime, blackmail and corruption must be intensified without fear or favour. If any person claims someone is fraudulent he or she should be able to prove it. We believe that these charges will be tested in the court of law given their competency and that anybody appearing in court has a right to defense. It is evident that Mr. Kenneth Uwadi (samuelson's junior partner in the blackmail saga}who just raised a fresh alarm calling a court of law ,'' a stage managed law court'' is trying to water down the implications inherent in the charges and ridicule the credibility of the case before it has even started.

It would therefore be a fundamental insult to the Nigerian judiciary that is totally independent of government influence to be accused of being ''staged managed'' buy Kenneth Uwadi who claims to be an activist,.

Even though we know that because of the economic situation of some lazy and gullible minded individuals, top government officials must gear up for rumours and blackmail capable of bringing them down if not well managed. They will hear stories they have never heard about themselves in the newspapers and the social media, but this is a price leaders pay to remain leaders, especially when they are innocent. Leaders must develop thick skin because of people like mr Iwuoha.

The illegality of blackmail and extortion has been affirmed repeatedly in the international legal and policy sphere. Article 17(1-2) of ICCPR offers the strongest condemnation of blackmail in the ICCPR, stating: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family and home .Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

Samulson Iwuoha's demand of 5m naira and a Toyota camry car , violates Article 14 of the African Charter, which states that, “the right to property shall be guaranteed. We call on Imolites to speak against blackmail. we call on the civil society and human right organizations to come and address this madness perpetuated by Samuelson and his gang blackmailers.

Our association is not against anyone calling for accountability in governance but we are against blackmailers.He that alleges must proof.

On this basis we thank the Imo State based media Houses, if not for their core believe in investigative journalism, Samuelson Iwuoha and Kenneth Uwadi would have been parading themselves as activist or social crusade in Imo state. The Imo State based activists, we thank you for your unshakably belief in justice and fair play and to all Imolites we thank you for your understanding and support, you have once again shown to the world that Imo is an enlightened State.

In today's frontline newspapers a known friend of Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha alleged that he (samuelson Iwuoha) ran mad in the 90s and is still mad till date. He also challenged mr Iwuoha to undergo a mental text and that if he is satisfied positive, he will go to jail. To us, the members of Imo development initiative, this is a serious allegation that Mr. Iwuoha needs to prove beyond every reasonable doubt, by presenting himself for a mental test,so that, it doesn't look like the office of the Speaker responds to mentally unstable people.

On this premise we call on the Speakers media aide to henceforth stop responding to Samuelson Iwuoha until he provides a certified mental report from a reputable hospital. We also call on Imolites and the members of the Imo Based activists to stop responding to Samuelson Iwuoha And Kenneth Uiwadi's allegations in other to allow the law to take its full course and presume everyone appearing before the various probe committees and the courts are innocent until proven guilty. We once again call on Mr.Samuelson Iwuoha and Kenneth Uwadi who claim to have evidence to substantiate their claim, to please appear before the committee with their evidence to back up their claim. We advise Samuelson Iwuoha to try and get busy by looking for more legitimate things to embark on.