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Kayode Fayemi: The Over Packaged Governor

By Lere Olayinka
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They robed him in MESSIANIC Garment, making him appear like a MESSIAH.

They made him look like a SUPERMAN, capable of doing all things.

They made him look like someone, who will make it possible even for BARREN Women to CONCEIVE.

They called him OBAMA Friend, and boasted that USA Govt will give him DOLLARS to develop Ekiti.

They promoted his PhD in War Studies as if it was better than studying Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Political Science or having a PhD in Applied Geo-Physics, Mass Communications, Law, etc.

If you talk bad about him, their reaction was always; "se odindi Doctor naa lo nsoro si beyen" (so you can talk to a PhD holder like that).

In 2005, one of his promoters once told me; "Fayemi is an international man, just GOOGLE his name and see." I did GOOGLED his name, and also GOOGLED mine then and I told those marketing him that I saw nothing special about him.

Now he has ruled for more than three years and he has not been able to perform any magic. Even the Ado-Iworoko-Ifaki road that was more than 50 percent completed before he assumed office, he has not been able to complete it. I remember that they boasted then that Segun Oni was too slow and that Fayemi will complete the road within six months.

Obama Dollars cannot be seen in Ekiti. Money is not being picked on the Streets of Ekiti as expected.

He met no DEBT, but Ekiti is owing over N35bn as debt now.

He met THREE Universities, Ekiti now has ONE!

...And Ekiti people are saying Ghana (Fayemi) Must Goooooooo!

Do I blame Fayemi? No I don't.

Rather, I blame those who over promoted this man, who is of average intellect, and was alongside his wife, doing his YAHOO YAHOO (NGO) business in UK and Ghana jeje.

I also pity Ekiti people, who bought the ORE OBAMA story without asking themselves how possible it is for a man to be arrogated with the powers of God!

Are those who jubilated on Oct 15, 2010, when Fayemi was SALAMIcally imposed on Ekiti still jubilating?

June 21 is beckoning. It is time to send Ore Obama back to Ghana and replace him with ORE MEKUNU.

PDP is the party, Umbrella is d LOGO, Fayose is the candidate.

Lere Olayinka
May 3, 2014

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