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The World for People Foundation launches with an immediate call for social responsibility proposals that it can fund

Source: World For People Foundation Ltd. (WFP
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The World for People Foundation recently established in London, seeks to fund social innovation projects that will permanently improve the living conditions of those most in need.

Initially, the Foundation actively seeks to fund appropriate water production projects but it will also consider other projects that enable sustainable community development

(LONDON) 2 May, 2014. The World For People Foundation Ltd. (WFP),, today announces its first call for proposals for socially innovative, sustainable development projects that contribute to improving living conditions and local economies in the world's poorest areas. WFP aims to identify and support the most technologically advanced solutions to improve the quality of life in the world's poorest regions. WFP seeks project partners to ensure best implementation and integration so that the funded projects have the greatest likelihood of success. WFP's first project will be related to the production of water from air.

WPF has three corporate sponsors that, together with their distributors and partners provide the technology and funding for the Foundation to operate. WOR(l)D Global Group, Inc. ( will supply technology under license, that enables WFP to operate its projects. WOR(l)D Global Network Pte. Ltd. (, whose distributors have provided the initial funding for the Foundation and for the first projects selected. Power Clouds Pte (, a renewable energy business with a mission to create the largest network of photovoltaic systems in the world by involving tens of thousands of people from more than 100 countries, who have invested over 50 million in Power Clouds will also provide resources to WFP.

Alfonso Galdi, Chairman of WFP quotes the adage "If you give a man a fish, you satisfy him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you satisfy him for a lifetime." He confirms that this is the underlying ethos of the World For People Foundation, where the Foundation's objective is to fund projects that empower individuals in communities most in need for the benefit of their community.

According to Roberto Race, Director of WFP, "We are seeking to support Water projects that are community based, to ensure successful implementation of the water project". Water has been chosen as the theme because according to a recent World Health Organization and UNICEF study released in early 2013, over one third or"36 per cent of the world's population – 2.5 billion people – lack improved sanitation facilities, and 768 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources."

Project partners are invited to submit proposals online at

Preference will be given to water related projects. However, WFP are willing to consider any project that delivers a permanent benefit to a community in need. WFP will provide a decision on any project within 40 days of online submission.

For more information, please contact Roberto Race on: roberto.race (at) or Sean McVeigh +1 855-467-6500.

About World for People Foundation:

The World for People Foundation (, aims to undertake sustainable development through socially innovative projects and to contribute to improving living conditions of local economies in our world's poorest area by.

Improving people's lives, offering an unequalled business opportunity and revolutionary products has always been one of WOR(l)D Global Group Inc.'s pivotal mission points, and it's even more so for the World for People Foundation.

The World for People Foundation identifies and seeks to implement the most advanced technological solutions which are aimed at improving the quality of life of populations.