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Abduction Of School Girls Will End Boko Haram Activities – Sheikh Gumi

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Frontline Islamic scholar and Activist, Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar Gumi has expressed optimism that the recent abduction of schoolgirls by Boko Haram sect would bring to an end the activities of the sect.

Gumi in a statement released in Kaduna, called on relevant authorities to put all hands on deck to fight against terrorism.

He said, “Nobody wants to take responsibility and honourably resign for more responsible officials to clear the mess”.

“When there was a bomb blast in Jaji cantonment during the hey days of explosions in the northern capital cities, the cantonment commandant was sacked and retired from the Army. This spirit of accountability has suddenly vanished.

“This abduction is an end game for whoever is responsible for the killings, bombings and terror all over in general. The abductors – whoever they may be- are confined in space and time for the first time. The abducted girls are known, therefore, lies will have to end. The abductors must be identified. These girls hold the answers to all the melodrama that is called war against Book Haram.

“The space is Sambisa forest – a must- since there are confirmed cases of escapees from it. The time is also against the criminals. Encircle all outlets from the forest, take aerial surveillance – shouldn't we wonder now if the drone purported to have been manufactured in Kaduna Air Force base was not really a dummy? – or get the help from United States.”

He said, “The freed girls would also talk. And nobody in the system wants free flow of information on what is truly happening. I am still surprised why there are no free interviews with the runaways?”

“They (young girls) are the greatest stimulus for sympathy on human psyche while the international community, the locality and every soul was touched by this barbarism”.

“Therefore, I see – insha Allah- this is the end game of the saga called Boko Haram. There will be surprises definitely! May Allah ease their release and protect our nation from criminals and irresponsible officials”, Gumi said.

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