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A Dubious Barrister And The Very Corrupt Okokomaiko Police Station

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I wrote a story entitled. ``HOW THE VAMPIRRIC NIGERIA POLICE FORCE PERSECUTESD MY MINISTRY FOR TEN YEARS NOW``… a lot of papers have published it and you can get it on line. The silence and evil plan of this Vamprric group leaves much to be desired.

The inspector general of police is acting like I am invinsible.I informed the press and the general public about the follow up in the article entitled. ``PLAN TO EJECT US FORCEFULLY AT NIGHT AND ALSO ELIMINATING US``by the caretaker…Mr Dennis Uzoma, Sunday Onajomofo ( landlord), his younger brother, and the barrister Mr Albert Esene, who from all indication, does not deserve to be in such profession. instead of following due process of going to court so that the law would take its cause, desided to take laws into his hands, by planning to throw away my properties and kill I and my husband because the police is backing him and the others of their evil plans.

Do you know what he did few months back? The disgraceful barrister went and kidnapped a family friend of mine, Mr Chukudi Nwawuba at midnight , on handcuff, and whisked him to an unknown place, claiming that the guy did not pay security money, and it the guy parted ways with five thousand, infact , by divine intervention, he was released.

I submitted MY PETITION to Okokomaiko D P O, Ojo D P O, AND COPIED cp and the pressmen. When I got to the station to see how the four accused persons would be invited, the female IPO, said i should bring reasonable sum of money so that they could pick the people. She was listing all those that needed money, including the crime officer. All effort to tell her that the nearest of the men, who happens to be the caretaker travelled out and that they should call the rest on phone fell on deaf ears.

At last money was given for a card and she and another female officer told me the line was not going but alas I and my husband were shocked the S O, in particular, on being told that I was at the police station, exclaimed on seeing me,… you are pastor Lovina?

If I had known you were the one I would not have collected your petition, and the next day, he abused me when I came asking for the D P O and said that, since I had the guts to petition his former D P O ( Mr. Temple Ituma), I should not expect anything from them. To think a group of people will reason n such a low way. Is the station a personal property?

The strange barrister wrote a lot of lies in his note and also submitted to his evil police accomplices in Okokomaiko police station, and had to pretend he was writing for the landlord and caretaker alone. I will include his letter so you can go through. T HE ACCUSATION HE GAVE THAT Okokomaiko station knows about me, he even wrote out of ignorance, it was a case I reported when some co tenants were trying to dupe power holdings and also including life threat , and the D P O Was Supporting The Accused Persons.( VAMPIRRIC N P F..)( ARTICLE). No one has ever reported me for been troublesome. We love justice, we hate deception.We can go to any level to fight injustice.

I sincerely wonder where Nigeria is heading to. May the good lord help us.

Pastor Lovina Amangala Iburene



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