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Lagos PDP Extols Workers: Calls On Governor Fashola To Be Sincere

By Lagos PDP
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The Lagos State Chapter of PDP has joined in congratulating Lagos Workers on the celebration of this year's workers' day.

This is Just as the party has berated the APC led government in the State of playing Lip-service to the plight of Civil Servants in the State.

The Lagos State PDP particularly admonished Governor Fashola to sincerely join in the Celebration by avoiding propagandists and wasteful celebration, but rather direct the immediate improvements of Conditions of Service of Lagos workers.

"We congratulate the unrelenting Civil Servants who have refused to be frustrated in spite the poor conditions of Service in the State. We urge them to remain steadfast and have faith in God.

Governor Fashola should avoid any Propagandists and wasteful celebration of workers. Such monies should add to improve the welfare of the Workers. Lagos Civil Servants should be more motivated than how they are presently.

Governor Fashola's Administration has not been fair to Lagos workers in many areas. Few of those areas include: Refusal to reinstate Comrade Ayodele Akele and other victimised workers; Refusal to pay the 18,000 Naira Minimum Wage; Refusal to Pay retired Workers Pensions; Take over of duties of Civil servants by Private Consultants; Embargo on Promotion and Employment; Refusal to provide affordable Homes and Loans to workers"



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