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OGUN 2015: The need to sustain the Amosun Legacy

By Olusoji Tajudeen
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Ordinarily, foreign diplomats are always economical with comments in
the land of their postings but when they do such are taken seriously.
That was the assessment when the United States Ambassador to Nigeria,
Mr. James Entwistle in company of the US Consul General (in lagos),
Mr. Jeffery Hawkins expressed delight and had cause to hail the Ogun
State governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun “for the rapid development of
the state” Since his emergence in the governance of the state, the
former lawmaker has not been found wanting or to have mortgaged his
position to appeals family members, friends, political associates.

Copious integrity has always been displayed in all of his activities.
Experts or analysts of Nigerian Political scene have long come up with
the conclusion that with 60-75 percent enhanced integrity the Nigeria
Political Situation would grow in leaps and bounds. This integrity in
the words of Denis Waitley means “you do what you do because its right
and not just fashionable or politically correct. A life of principle,
of not succumbing”.

Not many Nigerian public figures of today care about this to talk of
adherence these are not issues of today because an ancient Greek
philosopher, Socrates wrote about integrity. He posited it thus “The
way to gain good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to
appear.” This is not as simple at it seems. Many Nigerian can be
countered efficiently if the public conscience is appropriately
aroused it could take some time though.

One may make bold to conjecture that Senator Ibikunle Amosun has
always desired to appear the best among others; his developmental
studies are self evident with laudable achievements in this areas of
good roads, provision of portable water and well channeled canals.
These can be said to be evenly spread across Ogun State. There is
something awfully lacking in Nigeria today- a central data base where
all statistics and completed projects are stored in the country where
all claims can be verified. Such a centre will check the spurious
claim by governments and on individuals. This is being posited because
there had been times when projects awarded but not even started were
passed for completion.

Such an independent data base should not collaborate with either
federal or state sponsored project verification agents. When a
situation like this obtained Nigerians will begin to decipher the myth
from the reality and the people of Ogun State will be able to
appreciate superior economic growth and development taking place in
their land. This independent assessment body would have been able to
say what the American ambassador Mr. James Entwistle observed when he
described what is going on in Ogun State as “What I see is fantastic
rapid development in Abeokuta. The roads, the bridges, the flyovers
are very impressive.”

These envoys used the phrase “very, very” repeatedly as an indication
of a deep understanding that only a tame and dedicated man of
integrity can achieve these transformational goals in less than three
years in office. Many of the projects like Road Construction were
undertaken to demonstrate compassion for the masses as a grassroots
leader and to ensure that the taunted dividends of democracy
percolates to all the segments of the state.

The absence of a central lodgment of government achievements is
lamentable vis-avis Ogun state to see personally the niche bitter into
the employment problem, regular salaries for workers, the provision of
qualitative and functional educational system in place for the
transformation of the state. The uncommon transformation of all the
state is demonstrated in his personal commitment to make a difference.

His governorship emergence in 2011 which many claim was divine which
brought a new era must also be followed by a new thinking of who must
be our governor come 2015. Consider that just for action/performance
Mahatma Gandhi's name was immortalized in South Africa even when he
was not a South African.

The mission to re-build in Ogun 2015 is wake up call to ensure the
spirit of continuity for more dividend of democracy and the needed
change required in the state As Martins Luther King (Jnr.) argued in
March, 1965: “ Any real change in the status quo ante depends on
continued creative action to sharpen the conscience of the nation and
to establish a climate in which even the most recalcitrant elements
are forced to admit that a change must come.

Olusuji Tajudeen
Wrote from Abeokuta South
APC Ward 4

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