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Talking about expired and confused elders

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Editor, There are expired-looking politicians that should be encouraged to be off the stage. They are more abounding in the south than the north. They are respected figures nonetheless but now could be alleged as having diminishing return status.

I want to start with the Biafra war-lord, Ikemba Odumegwu: This former great leader of the Igbos started showing a diminishing return when he was seen hobnobbing with the group like MASSOB. He went into APGA to contest to be the President of Nigeria. Not too long ago, he was seen endorsing two candidates for the Anambra governor come 2010; he started by having been in rally with Barrister Etiaba who now moved over to PPA, according to him, with the blessing of Ojukwu. Now Ojukwu has teamed up with governor Obi and being by his side for the governor of Anmabra. From the early setout he supported Okorie-led APGA for a short time but later Umeh's.

Then there is the confused pack in the South-South led by Chief Edwin Clarke, who would dine with one side today and the next day the other. At a point people could not place him hence diminishing trust in him. He was recently attacked by another diminishing one, Chief M. T. Mbu who remained Odili's stooge and formed the South-South Peoples Assembly (SSPA) with people like Chief Raymond Dokpesi and Senator Aniete Okon to actualize his (Odili) ambition to preside over Nigeria. This was supported by another, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu who information has it that his business empire crumbling and the only surviving one (Champion Newspapers Limited), is owing many months workers salary arrears with many other debts hanging. He was recently touted as one of those to lead Yar'Adua's re-election team. And just recently he visited Yar'adua with Ohakim with a shopping list that included sacking Minister of Commerce and Industry, Achike Udenwa and wishing that Imo be included in the amnesty of the federal government, position they justify by saying that the first expatriate was kidnapped in Imo.

What do you expect from the above pack and their many ilk if you want Nigeria to really move forward?

Benjamin Maduka,
3 Alheri Close,

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