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Ibrahim Babangida And Buhari…Confess Your Part In Boko Haram

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How long will Ibrahim babagida,Mohammed Buhari and others carry out the great pretence claiming they have nothing with Boko Haram while those confessing say they are part of the sponsors? Countless Boko Haram members have confessed, yet they keep denying.

I sometimes wonder the hold of Satan on man's heart that even knowing that death is near and no amount of wealth can make us escape it and the great judgment of god, many are still playing WITH FIRE. Hebrews 9, 27 says….as it is appointed unto man, once to die and after death ,judgment.

This note is not only directed to Boko Haram and their sponsors but also those embezzling funds, thieves, liars, political vultures and Satanic spiritual leaders and followers.

King Jesus is calling now. Nigeria has lost thousands of its citizens through Boko Haram and the evil sponsors are not repentant. No man will escape the consequences of sin. A word is enough for the wise....

The truth ministry bringing the truth that frees…0806635

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