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Analytical Perspectives of the Nigerian Cold War

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Buhari/north wants to regain power, Jonathan/south wants to retain power but Nigerians want to regain and retain power…Ena E. Orugbo

As the drive to score political points heightens, the cold war between APC and PDP is evolving. APC as judge is now quick to pass judgment without a jury, PDP is insensitive. PDP as FBI is now swift to discover leads without an investigation, APC are sponsors. It is pertinent to note that political shadow boxing (PSB) is a global norm in the eve of critical elections. For example, before the Democratic nomination in 2008, Clinton called Obama's would be presidency “a roll in the ice”. However a worrying twist is accompanying the current PSB in Nigeria, irreplaceable precious lives are been lost. There is therefore need to remind APC and PDP that there are first Nigerians, show that the APC/PDP cold war is a proxy war and scrutinize the hidden factors that divide Nigeria because “if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” Mark 3:25.

Northerns: Born to Rule
The north was the greatest beneficiary of the former Nigeria. For example, prior to the introduction of post JAMB, a prospective undergraduate from the north/Educationally Less Developed State (ELDS) with a JAMB score of 200 was sure to gain admission into a pristine university like University of Ibadan to study medicine. However a southern with a higher JAMB score of 226 would at best be admitted to study biochemistry or botany in the same university. The same scenario played out in the federal civil service, military/paramilitary and juicy ministerial appointments. This beclouded and led the north to erroneously believe that they were born to rule till Obasanjo became president and the Ijaws said enough is enough.

Southerns: Resource Control
Obasanjo's greatest achievements in office were the neutralization of the military, 13 percent derivation and creation of Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDA) such as the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) that balanced the Nigerian largesse across the Niger. Basking in the new found largesse (resource control) and Obasanjo's bank consolidation, the south basically and mercilessly annexed the Nigerian banking industry, nerve of the economy. Providence however propelled Yar'adua (fine gentleman) to Aso Villa and a Sanusi came that did not know Joseph. In a bid to balance the dynamics of the banking industry/economy which was skewed towards the south, Sanusi successfully decimated and demystified untouchables'.

Nigerians: Born to be Great
Yar'adua consolidated Obasanjo's feats by creating the Ministry of Niger Delta and Presidential Amnesty Programme. This has made the Ijaws, the greatest beneficiaries of the present-day Nigeria, aside other perks such as the President and Minister of Petroleum. It is however expedient and necessary to state that Jonathan has achieved so much especially in the north. Unfortunately the impact and news of the insurgency is however overshadowing his achievements such as the Agricultural revolution which is skewed to the north, numerous Dams and over 300 Alimajiri schools that have been constructed and commissioned. Who then says “before it is too late”; it is never too late because Nigeria and Nigerians were born to be great.

This piece has analyzed the underlying factors steaming the cold war between APC and PDP, the north south divide. The results of this analysis shows that flawed northern and southern ideologies (born to rule and untouchable) only succeeded in suppressing demands thus creating insurgents, militants and economic monsters. In addition, further results shows that Nigeria is not truly divided across religious lines as perceived and projected by many but by ideologies and 'the haves' and 'have not'. This piece recommends that rare opportunities to govern Nigeria should be optimize and not utilized and the dynamics of Nigeria whether economic, political, private or public should be balanced. Lastly, what would a Jonathan/Buhari ticket look like?

Dr Ena E. Orugbo is a Forensic Decision Analyst/Public Infrastructure Expert

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