Jos Crisis and IBB’S Blood Mill


I will go straight to the point. Its is strange that most of the leaders of Nigeria prefer to parade as agents of peace when indeed they have clothed themselves with the blood of the innocent. There have been incidences of senseless killing of the innocent

in many areas and places in Nigeria but the case of Jos has become a monument of shame.

Some commentators have taken their discovery of the root-cause to the creation of Jos North LGA by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. In 1991 through Decree No 2 of 1991 in a single shenanigan attributes of the so-called IBB, he signed for a perpetual supply of blood of the innocent from Jos. He knows too-well that the so-called Hausa/Fulani are not indigenous to Jos but he went ahead to give his ascent to the notorious approval. Though he denies that his intention was to favor the so-called group, but the application form obtained by the Ajibola Panel shows that indeed the Hausa/Fulani group applied for the LGA. IBB as he is made to be believed as a man who has the security information of the existence of Nigeria should have known that Hausa/Fulani are not from Jos and allowing such a neo-colonial homogeny would amount to nothing but death and blood. What a pity.

Taking the step backward, we must not forget the Langtan Mafia, as it was called in those days, was the most formidable military and power myth of pre-modern Nigeria. IBB and his cabal were not safe with the mafia, what did they do, he arranged for a Kangaroo- Officers meeting after which the entire officer were murdered in a senseless-military-disaster in a swamp. Record has it that majority of those that died were from the so-called Langtan Mafia. IBB should not exhibit the smallness of his intelligence by making us believe that he created Jos North for the never-to-come grassroot development. He knew well that to perpetrate his demonic hold on power he needed to de-mystify the mafia. He went a step further to create Jos North LGA to further polarize the Plateau mythology.

The question will then be for how long will this aberration called IBB come to terms that Nebuchadnezzar was offered a 7 year purgatorial opportunity to atone for his sins, indeed Nebuchadnezzar humbled, but IBB and his co-travelers don't seem to get it. I have a vision of another exodus of rogue-jobbers going to the so-called Minna-Mecca, this time not for condolence on Miriam but on the walking-corpse himself. Soon! Not long! Let no hope seek the Senate. David Mark was part and parcel of the Supreme Ruling Council that approved the creation of the LGA and nullified June 12 election which records that over 620 Nigerians died there-in. Bankole would not either because though he would study Nigerian history but was never on ground to feel it, spending his time in UK feeding and living on the money his father stole from Nigeria. Oh son-product of blood money!

The blood of the innocent is knocking at the door of IBB- from Dele Giwa, to Maman Vasta to Student Activist to Opposition Leaders to June 12 Victims, to Jos Victims to Abacha to Abiola and to all victims of corruption in Nigeria. A man who is directly or indirectly involved in death of over 2 million souls will certainly be a walking corpse

As Yaradua refuses to show-up, the IBB co-traveler and authors of 419 are at it again. Leading the game is Oji Uzo Kalu, a confessed God-son of IBB by allowing his Newspaper, Sun Newspaper to champion the unrealizable course of the only-in-the-dream IBB 2011. I want to state unequivocally that hell will repent before this man of blood will rule Nigeria again.

It is disheartening; as a proud Igbo man that Igbo men have always voiced this shameful course for this evil's disciple. Recently an unknown man, perceived to be a student of IBB 419 school, claiming to be the secretary of a rogue group called IBB Group stated that after 'prayers' its discovered that only his IBB will salvage Nigeria's had earned democracy which Obasanjo also fought for. What and alteration to mingle IBB and OBJ! God forbid! I am sure he did pray to Ekwensu (Satan) not Chineke-God. May God close his eyes permanently if his eyes were closed when he say the prayer. I know its only criminal Igbos that would support any person with the name IBB into power again.

Jos crisis will consume IBB. The voice of the children has become the voice of Abel. Jang should not wait for Bankole and Mark to help him because they won't. Their hands are also soiled in the same blood as IBB's. He should liaise with his State Assembly to work out a solution. The solution will be to revert to pre-1991 Plateau State. Its either Jos North is reverted to what it used to be or be carved into Bauchi State where there are Hausa/Fulani. IBB will not see 2011 even as his blood-money has started flowing through the many masqueraders of his kind championed by Sun Newspaper.

If I hated OBJ for everything one thing I loved him for is stopping the snake of Minna from contesting 2007 election. This time it will not be OBJ but Satan himself whom he works for. Though he has guaranteed surplus of blood to his god through the many chains of blood-letting mechanism he has put in place which unfortunately Jos North is one of them the same mechanism has started passing through his household.

Rev Ayobanna Ikeanumba, PhDChief Executive Africa Debate InstituteSouth Africa