Exposed! Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi wayward ways

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For clarity Tokunbo Afikuyomi was a Senator-turned-Commissioner in Lagos State, he has been in politics for quite a while, precisely from the days of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and National Republican Convention (NRC) in the aborted third republic orchestrated Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida administration. The self styled 'His Excellency' was also one of the founding members of the Pro National Conference (PRONACO) which the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode were also part of the course.

Moreover, Afikuyomi gained prominence politically when he was elected senator in 1999 to represent Lagos Central on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). In 2003, the he was imposed on the Lagos West Senatorial district and was used to shatter the dreams of Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon (GOS) of becoming the Senator representing the same Senatorial district in 2003, this development however tore the apart. Although the seat was eventually ceded to GOS in 2007 Senatorial poll and he won under AC platform.

Tokunbo Afikuyomi succeeded in completing 8 consecutive years at the hallowed chamber of the Nigeria House of Senate in Abuja, thereafter he decided to contest as the Governorship candidate for the Action Congress (AC) but Babatunde Fashola was the favoured candidate of the sitting Governor that time (Bola Tinubu). He later cross-carpet to the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), and picked the Guber ticket, but one shocking thing happened that time, Afikuyomi never engage himself in any publicity, in form of jingles, posters, handbills or any other campaign material(s) that could suggest that he was really running for the Governorship poll under ANPP party. The mother of all surprise that the Senator exhibited that time was at the 11th hour to the April 2007 election in Lagos State, when he surreptitiously betrayed ANPP by decamping to AC his former party that he earlier abandoned due to his over ambitious tendencies. And on the election day, he was made the party agent to monitor the collation of results at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office.

After the landslide victory of Governor Fashola in 2007 information available to shows that Afikuyomi embarrassingly lobbied Bola Tinubu so that he could make the cabinet list. Meanwhile he had condemned Fashola that he does not have the political wherewithal to run the affairs of a complex State like Lagos, and Tinubu and other party stakeholders of their magnanimity granted his quest and he was considered. Afikuyomi who lacks dignity and decorum shamelessly accepted the offer of serving under Governor Fashola as Commissioner for Tourism and Intergovernmental Relations. Investigations conducted by revealed that he hardly come for cabinet/exco meetings and when he attends he always come late and his contributions are never progress driven. These attitude of Afikuyomi was considered as a way of life for Afikuyomi going by his antecedents while he was in the Senate; he used fleets of flashy cars with Police aides going about with women for merry making and on other missions that had no bearing with law making with total disregard for serving the interest of his constituency or Nigeria at large. An outcome of his sheer recklessness through use of sirens and disrespect to traffic rules by his long convoys, he was often faced with several arrest and embarrassments by the Police and immigration officers in the neighboring countries like, Ghana, Togo, Republic of Benin etc. For his extra marital affairs, despite that he is legally married with children;

Afikuyomi has destroyed many lives of most promising female children both in Nigeria and in diaspora. A typical example of this is what he did to a lady who bears same name with him, Tokunbo Adebanjo (now 40 years old) former staff of British Airways; she (Tokunbo) is also a daughter to the prominent Adebanjo family of Ogun State (of Ijebu extraction). The relationship was said to have lasted for over 10 years. After several abortions, Toxie as fondly called by her friends could no longer bear it, she then traveled to UK and nurtured the pregnancy until she eventually gave birth to a baby boy, who looks exactly like Afikuyomi. The baby was named Oluwatitofunmi Afikuyomi. Anyone who sees the child will know that Afikuyomi's gene/blood is very potent and dominant in the physical characteristics of the little boy. Tokunbo Adebanjo a.k.a Toxie is still a single mother, and she is still somehow committed to the Tokunbo Afikuyomi. The Senator is frequent to the UK at least on a monthly basis while the lady also visits Nigeria once in a while.

A source confirmed that Afikuyomi is doing all that so that the secret would not leak out; little did he know that searchlight is overwhelming. As at the last count, he is said to have at least three love children outside his marriage. He has three boys from his wife who is the first daughter of the former judge of World Court and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Prince Bola Abimbola who owns an Islamic University in Nigeria. One of these love children is said to be a female. Though names were not revealed to but a source confirmed that Afikuyomi has had relationships with several female celebrities in Nigeria; a female broadcaster who had a love child for an ex-footballer, a female politician in the House of Assembly who is the daughter of a Lagos High chief, a female furniture company owner in Oregun and countless numbers of actresses in Nollywood. deep accounts of facts show that in 1999 Lagos lawyer and human rights activist, Festus Keyamo said in 1989 Afikuyomi was involved in a criminal case for which he jumped bail. It was further revealed that Keyamo confirmed that Afikuyomi was involved in Advance Fee Fraud otherwise known as '419' and was charged to court for these offences but allegedly ran away from justice. Keyamo said that due to the poor record system in the country and lack of data bank, the police do not know that this man who worked his way into the Senate and now state commissioner should indeed be on their wanted list. Keyamo further disclosed that he painstakingly went through the records of all four magistrate courts at Apapa before he stumbled upon the court record, which indicated quite interestingly, that it was on June 12, 1989 that Afikuyomi was arraigned on a two-count charge of advance-fee fraud known as '419' and stealing a passport. Keyamo, who attached photocopies of court charges against Afikuyomi's warrant of arrest with the Senator's passport photograph, police diary of action, taken among others to buttress his allegation called on the press, Alliance for Democracy (AD) on whose platform the Senator was elected, the National Assembly, the human rights community and the Inspector General of Police to act immediately and let the truth prevail.

Apart from Keyamo's claims can also reliably inform the world that Afikuyomi duped Mr. George Ani of an undisclosed millions of naira. Ani gave him the money in trust to procure land for him at a choice area in Lekki and Ikoyi but the unsuspecting George was swindled by Afikuyomi and no compensations or refund was made to his victim.

However the current scandal hanging on the neck of the Senator-turned-Commissioner, Tokunbo Afikuyomi as well as the AC led Lagos Government is the case of the Sunburn Yacht Hotel. Initially, at the launch of the vessel, Afikuyomi made public statements that

the procurement of the 105-bed floating hotel was a public private partnership (PPP) initiative. But at another event, Fashola, the sitting Governor denied that the state was not in any way involved in the purchase of the vessel. When the vessel was brought down to Lagos, Afikuyomi at the launch stated that, that will be the first of its kind in Africa and it would put the state in the league of the first five leading economies of the world with similar hospitality facility and tourism earnings capabilities. The hopes were that the floating hotel would revive the tourism sector in Lagos State. He also claimed that the hotel would put Lagos on the same pedestal as major tourist melting pot like Paris, New York, Barcelona, and Helsinki, also describing the transfer of the hotel to Lagos as a significant achievement by the Governor Fashola administration.

Afikuyomi has earlier boasted that winning the bid for the yacht, over other cities that bided for it is a reflection of the “combination of talents, assets, resources and potentials” of the state government and private sector. Surprisingly, the earlier promise of the yacht hotel has failed to materialize, instead, what Afikuyomi seems to have managed to do is trigger what may become the worst public relations challenge for Fashola's administration. Besides the yacht it still a shadow of itself it has not been refurbished the facilities inside are eye-sore, and no clear cut ownership has been defined yet. Though the state government denied being involved in the procurement, but now, some of the opposition parties in the state, the Democratic People's Alliance (DPA) and Peoples' Democratic Party PDP recently accused the state government of lack of sincerity and open deception to the good people of Lagos State who have suffered all sort of taxes from the government that is not wearing human face. It was also gathered that Afikuyomi was the one who wrongfully advised the State Government to introduce 5 percent consumption tax to all Hotels in Lagos. Meanwhile about 100 hotels have teamed up and sued Fashola Government to Court over this 5 percent consumption tax and they were lucky enough because the law Court granted them all their prayers.

The vessel was designed by Lasse Heikkinen, a Finnish ship architectural company and bought from its former owners Sunburn International, Finland. Before it was brought to Lagos, the yacht was reportedly taken to Brazil for refurbishing for an undisclosed amount. Since the yacht was built without an engine of its own, it has to be towed to whatever destination it is taken to. Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT), a yacht logistics company, conveyed the Sunburn Yacht Hotel to the country for N80 million. Could it really be that Afikuyomi is the sole owner of the vessel? Since the state government has denied being involved in the deal, definitely, Multi-Purpose Infrastructural Development Company (MIDC), the company that facilitated the yacht deal can be said to be the owner of the ship. A source who elected anonymity told that the purchase of the yacht was facilitated by fictitious company flouted by Afikuyomi was actually the the company that bought the sunborn Hotel and that it was facilitated by Diamond Bank. Investigations are still on by to unveil the name of the company, the supporting documents and names of individuals who 'fronted' for Senator Afikuyomi

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