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Re: Ghost Workers Scandal Rocks UNIBEN. Kehinde Dokun Samuel- A Masquerade Of The Cabal That Aims To Install A Lumpen Petty-Professor As Prof. O.G. Oshodin's Successor—Being A Rejoinder By The Edo Unity League (EUL)

By Edo Unity League
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Our attention has been drawn to a front-page publication in Saturday Newswatch, April 12, 2014 edition, which is characteristically in tune with the 'Akpesiristic axiom' (an unprincipled, uncultured tout masquerading as a journalist who launches venoms against the management of the University of Benin in the platform of the National Vision) of writing maliciously misleading tissues of rumours as though they are news-worthy items.

There is no gainsaying the well-established fact that Mr. Kehinde Samuel is one of the disingenuous personnel in the exams and records departments of the University of Benin whose sack was based on empirical and justiceable evidence of forgery, falsification of signatures and other criminal tendencies; tendered in the report of a Panel of Inquiry set up to unearth all shapes and forms of criminality orchestrated by an erstwhile Bursar; and same was unanimously endorsed by the University's Governing Council.

As one of the host community organizations to the University of Benin, we are dispassionately interested in any matter connected to UNIBEN because of our indefatigable mandate to her continuous growth and development. Initially, when the case of the sacked workers was drawn to our attention by the said Kehinde Samuel, he peddled all sorts of documents, most of which were classified official documents of the University, we advised him to tread cautiously because of the implicability of the documents in his possession, because as it were, it appears he or his agents may have burgled into the Vice-Chancellor or the Registrar's official strong rooms, so we sought to empathize with him with a view to ascertain the facts-in-issue. To our greatest astonishment, the University's management, and security agencies in Edo State already had a dossier of the so-called whistle-blower, as a blackmailer; and examination results racketeer.

The so-called petitions addressed to the EFCC and ICPC as well as the Police by Mr. Samuel are based on tiny fragments of his imaginations, because the University of Benin has a time-tested Financial Records-Audit System (FRAS) which has the blessing of the Federal Ministry of Education, the National Universities Commission (NUC); the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Presidency.

The summary of the mischievous publication is an attempt to investigate Prof. O.G. Oshodin or the management of the University of Benin on the pages of newspaper; sadly, it is alien to scientific mechanism of investigation which Nigeria is fast adapting to. Again, the said publication is a diabolic attempt to divert the attention of UNIBEN management from a sustainable impact on the students, staff and the teaching and learning infrastructures which are the core administrative concerns of Prof. O.G. Oshodin; that has endeared him to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, the host States (Edo, Ondo, Delta and Anambra States) as wells as the concerned public because of his meritorious service that is anchored on President Jonathan's Transformation Agenda.

The last time we checked, it is only associations of occult practitioners that Kehinde Samuel has not petitioned Prof. O.G. Oshodin; whereas the over one hundred erstwhile staff and colleagues of Kehinde Samuel have moved on by facing the realities of their fate; by securing or seeking for meritorious appointments in other places; the inglorious petitioner is on a precarious 'voyage to bring down the roof', like a drowning man looking for every straws of survival to hold on to!

It is a well-known fact that the petitions being peddled around by Kehinde Samuel are authored by an unseen cabal whose intent is to install a Lumpen petty-Professor as Vice-Chancellor; based on their inglorious belief that criminalizing and chasing out Prof. O.G. Oshodin from the University's system will provide a fertile ground for them to install a puppet as Vice-Chancellor, University of Benin, come November 2014. Alas, God in His infinite mercy will use individuals and groups like the Edo Unity League (EUL) to promote and protect Edo intelligentsias whose dutiful and meritorious service have become sour-spots in the hearts of 'Nigeria's enemies of progress' like Kehinde Samuel and his pay-masters.

Like Akpesiri who is a mischievous tout masquerading himself as a journalist, whose stock-in-trade is to blackmail the University's management for his 'pocket interest'; similarly, Kehinde Samuel believes that he can blackmail the University's management for an 'inglorious' re-instatement into the University's staff payroll, as well as the payment of his 'entitlements' in arrears. GOD FORBID, AMEN.

For and on behalf of Members and Trustees of the Edo Unity League (EUL)

Engr. Efosa Nehikhare- Vice Chairman, Edo South Chapter