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She was tall, light skinned,cute faced and she had such beautiful perfect features i mistook her to be a mannequin, more so because she stood in front of a boutique, she was alone, she was on the phone and she seemed a little frazzled, i drove closer to where she stood, stopped the car and got down, about the same time i stopped, she ended the call on her phone, she looked at me as though she was expecting me to say something, that was the last reaction i expected from her, but i said nothing, i just looked on soaking in her features like i was taking a long cool drink, she looked even more angelic up close, she smiled and asked if i was segun, the question immediately got my attention, "Segun?" i thought in my head, without hesitation i said yes, to think my name was no way close to Segun did not even slow down my response one bit, for a girl as beautiful as this, i don't mind been called "michael scofield."

She came close and gave me a very long hug and with such cheerfulness stepped back, held my hands and looked me over, "you look very much different in person than you do on Facebook", she said. without skipping a beat, i answered her "well, sometimes it happens that way, you look even more gorgeous than you look on Facebook anyway". she seemed so thrilled to have met this Segun, facebook friend of hers, when in the real sense this was smart boy "Mayor" taking advantage of the situation standing in front of her.

She asked me how come the number i gave her had been switched off all day, "the phone fell inside water" was my quick response, seemed like the person she was suppose to meet at the spot was incommunicado, i hope he stays so till this encounter is over.

We got into my car and headed for one of the restaurants around, this was not what i ever planned for, but it was going so well and i was acting the part so well too, i just wonder how she could be so dumb to think i was Segun, wont blame her though, the confidence with which i stood in her front at a time she was expecting someone she has not even met in person before would have it difficult for her to think otherwise.

We chatted cheerfully as we ate in the restaurant and when we finished eating and continued chatting and made no move to leave, she asked if i did not want her to know where i stayed, i responded with "why not?"

we headed to my place and i knew exactly what i was going to do to this beautiful lady, i could feel excitement coursing through my body, one part of me was feeling a little guilty though, but i silenced it.

Two hours after i coincidentally met this beautiful lady she was in my room, i was the assumed facebook friend, she was wrong but by the time i'm through with her she would be right, things was getting heated up between us as we sat down in my living room and just then her phone rang, i prayed silently it would be one of her lady friends, she picked her phone and immediately her countenance changed and then i knew i was in trouble, minutes after she ended her call, looked at me and said "so you are not Segun?...", she frantically carried her bag and hurried out of my house without saying nothing else, while i sat down there looking like a fool that i was, i was foolish enough to have wanted to sleep with a girl i just met that day and i was so very close to doing it....but the timing was wrong!!!

-Ajagbe Mayowa.S. was the former P.R.O. Nigeria society of biochemistry student, Lautech chapter.


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