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Mohammed Abacha Stole N446.3 Billion

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Mohammed Abacha — the son of late former  Nigerian military dictator,

General Sani Abacha  stole about N446.3 Billion from Government treasury

between 1995 and 1998, court documents have revealed.

The heir of the late Military dictator is currently facing fresh criminal

lawsuit from the Government over the monumental theft carried out while

his father reigned.
The latest lawsuit follows a decision by the Nigerian Supreme Court in

January ordering the Nigerian government to file fresh charges against the

dictator's son. Also, the US Government recently froze assets belonging to

the late dictator through its kleptocracy initiative.

In the nine-count charge filed by private prosecutor, Daniel Enwelum upon

a fiat dated  February 18th, 2014 by Attorney General of the Federation,

Mohammed Adoke, the government accused Mohammed of “dishonestly receiving

stolen property” and “voluntarily assisting in concealing money.”

This fresh charge substitutes an earlier 121-count filed against Mohammed

and Atiku Bagudu — the late ruler's ally. However, Bagudu was excluded

from the fresh charge.
According to a new charge, dated March  24th, 2014, Mohammed hid

£141,100,000 $384,353,000 in cash and travellers cheques.

Mohammed, in Count One, is alleged to have dishonestly received between

August and December 1995 in Abuja, $36,480,000.00 made up of cash and

travellers' cheques — property of the Federal Government — believed to

have been stolen.
In Count Two, he is alleged, between August and December 1995 in Abuja, to

have voluntarily assisted in concealing $57,960,000.00 believed to have

been stolen from the Federal Government.
In another count, he was accused of receiving $26,913,500.00 believed to

have been stolen from the Federal Government, between October and December

He was also accused, within the same time, of voluntarily assisting in

concealing $26,913,500.00 allegedly stolen from the Federal Government.

Also in June 1997 in Abuja, he allegedly dishonestly received

$10,000,000.00 believed to have been stolen from the Federal Government.

Count Six accused him of dishonestly receiving, between February and

December 1997, $87,000,000 and £41,143,000 believed to have been stolen

from the Federal Government.
Two other counts accused Mohammed of voluntarily assisting in concealing

the amounts mentioned in count six, and dishonestly receiving (between

January and August 1998), $167,000,000 and £99,957,000 believed to have

been stolen from the Federal Government.
The alleged offences are punishable under sections 317 and 319 of the

Penal Code.
Mohammed was to be arraigned on Thursday before Justice Mamman Kolo of the

High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, but the accused was absent in

Nevertheless, Enwelum notified the judge of Mohammed's unwillingness to

turn up in court, despite having been served with the charge and with

evidence to that effect in a an affidavit sworn to by bailiff of the court

He urged the court to accept the fresh charge and consider the receipt of

the charge by the defence lawyer, Abdulllahi Haruna, as an appropriate

Haruna defended Mohammed's absence, saying he was unaware of the new

charge and imploring the court to adjourn the case to a further date to so

that the accused would be present in court.
Justice Kolo accepted the amended charge, also granting an order

discharging Bagudu from the charge. He adjourned the hearing to 29th April