Braithwaite Demands VIP Treatment After SSS Eject Him From National Conference


Founder of Nigeria Advance Party, NAP and a member of the ongoing national conference, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, was yesterday led out of the venue of the conference by officers of the State Security Service, SSS, for not putting on his tag.

When earlier accosted at the entrance of the hall, a Braithwaite asked the officers whether they did not know him personally to which they responded negative.

But the elder statesman entered the hall despite not being cleared. About ten minutes later, two SSS officers walked to his seat and demanded that he put on his identification or walk out.

They pointed out to him that their request was appropriate as other delegates had on their tags.

However, Braithwaite insistence forced the operatives to usher him out, saying that he must go and pick his tag from the Secretariat.

The security officials added that it was the instruction from the Secretariat that delegates and others must put on their tags while the session was on.