Most Female Entertainers Are Not Submissive--MC Goldenmouth

Source: Joy Akosa/

Comedian/MC Goldenmouth is From Imo State, who is a linguist and a polyglot and speaks several languages, a graduate of English/Political Science, Mass Communication. He also holds two Post Graduate Diploma qualifications and he is a Lawyer-in view! He has also written about five books speaks to joy Akosa/ about his personality in an exclusive interview.

Why did you choose that name?

I chose the name because whenever I was on stage or off stage, after my performance people called me names like "Sweet mouth", "Sweet tongue", "Lafta man" etc or my real name (Chilaka Solomon Ihunna) instead of MC SolidDiadem which was the name of my small organization. But I disliked that. So I decided to adopt Goldenmouth because I love gold (with all its attending qualities it replicates)

When did you start comedy?

I started MC or compeer work if I must say in 2002 but comedy in 2005 and fully 2008.

Do you have any clique in the industry as many comedians do now ?

Not really. I relate with everyone but allow anyone who is full of themselves to have their room

What big show have u performed on?

I've performed at numerous big shows. 2 years ago, I performed for Lagos State Government at an even tagged "Hedge Reads" held at 10 Degrees Events Centre, Ikeja, and Lagos in front of over five thousand (5,000) participants and it was of my largest audience so far! So many big gigs. Just on Saturday, 29th April, I performed at the great Eko Nite Awards where all past governors of Lagos State and all notable personalities in the world who have, at one time or the other made great impact in Lagos, were honored with awards and also inducted into Lagos/Eko Hall of Fame!

Why do young and upcoming Comedians Copy Jokes from Other Comedians?

That's not a question but an insinuation, an assumption and a big allegation. Though, I don't even know where to classify myself. Maybe upcoming or already "come". But the secret truth is that all comedians copy jokes from others. But why you outsiders or audience doesn't usually know is that most times the "big" comedians have chance or platform of big events which are televised or aired in one way or the other. So people think that anyone who says a joke is the original owner of the "material" .But CAPITAL NO!!

Who do you crush on amongst the female celebrities?

Nollywood Omotola Jalade, Grace Amah and Doris Simon. In Comedy Princess. In music, Tiwa Savage, Their physique, the way they do their things their attitude.

If you were to choose a bride amongst these females who would that be?


Tell us about your growing up?

I was born in Imo State, I later moved to Abia State to stay with my maternal grandparents who were staying at Christ the King Catholic (CKC) Church at Umungasi,Aba in Abia State. In the mid 1980s, I moved down to Lagos with my mum and siblings to stay with my dad who was working with NEPA,(later PHCN). As a result, I changed my school to start afresh at African Church Primary School at Kollington Bus Stop,Alagbado, Lagos. But I didn't start primary school on time because I was short in height and we also came newly to Lagos. So I started carry my slate to attend a nearby private school till I later joined African Church Primary School. I also attended Tomia Community Second School in same compound of my pry sch. My growing up days was very rough due to situations around me and my parents. But all along, everyone loved me because I was brilliant, smart, intelligent, well-mannered, jovial and God-fearing, My growing up days were mainly at Alagbado, Lagos and very tearful, eventful but all the same, I thank God for keeping and sparing my life. And God usually sent---and sends help to me through different people---known and unknown!

Did you give up at anytime?

Yes I've felt so. Somehow but I can't remember throwing in the towel. Anytime I wanted to, God'll show me mercy

How would you rate the comedy industry?

Far above average in performance. Full of creativity also. But we need love, oneness and co-operation

Who is your biggest mentor in the comedy industry and why?

Ali Baba and Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st. It's because of their humility, mode of welcome and pieces of advice.

What is your say on how celebrities get divorced?

It's good for celebrities not to inter-marry because of some factors. They are both public figures and lack of privacy in marriage is harmful to any marital union. There is this kind of ego & pride that go with fame, riches and stardom. They won't both have time for home or each other even before they start having children. Many pick their spouse because of the popularity or wealth of the partner. Most entertainment ladies are not submissive as our holy books (Bible and Quran) teach. So, if a celebrity wants a celebrated home/marriage, he/she should consider the five (5) issues I raised above.

So are you saying you can't marry a celebrity when you fall in love with one?

Yes, but we can be just be intimate friends except she's ready to be submissive and play good mother roles at 70% and career at 30%

What is your most embarrassing moments?

When a client disappointed or failed in terms of pay agreement in due time or amount! Very embarrassing and frustrating too