Letter To Federal Nigeria's Inspector General Of Police

By Israel Ekene
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The Inspector General of Police,
Louis Edit House,


I write to your good office regarding a letter on the above caption forwarded to your office by an unregistered organization named 'Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria'.

Ordinarily and if not because of the deliberate and mischievous distortion of facts, the obvious contradictions in their first and second letters to your office as well as the media publicity given to the latest letter by the real sponsor(s), my response to the petition by the same 'organization' and on the same subject matter immediately I was granted bail by a Magistrate Court in Abuja on similar allegations by the FCT Minister and the Director of Treasury of the FCTA, Ibrahim Bomoi, in September 2013, would have been sufficient and I would have under normal circumstances ignored all the unfounded claims and allegations sponsored against me for the court to eventually determine.

But it seems clearly that typical of what he has been practicing as a civil servant over the years, the financier of the fabrications against me, Ibrahim Bomoi, is not after following the due process of law in executing his mischief against my hard earned reputation but wants the police by all means to do the dirty job of bringing my company and I down.

I rely on the following facts and instances to conclude that Ibrahim Bomoi, whom I have sufficient evidences to conclude that he is notorious and one of the most corrupt civil servants in Nigeria today; is glaringly doing everything criminally possible with his looted wealth - because of his selfish desire for vendetta - to subject the Nigeria Police under your able leadership to public ridicule and to engage in unnecessary politics instead of using legal means to address whatever claim(s) he may have:-

The fact that your office is well familiar with the background of my case and travails, Ibrahim Bomoi at first attempted to use the SSS to implicate me. He even obtained a questionable court order to get access to DESERT HERALD account at First Bank. They got the access and there is nothing incriminating against us. Eventually and when the SSS discovered that he only wants to use them, they abandoned the matter;

(b). It is also on record that he and some of his colleagues employed the same antics and penetrated the leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, naively thinking that the NUJ has the powers under the law to stop newspaper houses from publishing. In the end they failed woefully and instead attracted a lot of publicity nationally and internationally and more readership patronage for DESERT HERALD;

(c). After the failed NUJ attempt against my person and the company they decided to use the option of using the police. I was eventually arrested and detained under inhuman conditions by the police for 16 days. During the period I was denied my medication which resulted in my collapse in the court. While Bomoi and some of his colleagues are insisting on my prosecution and to get a judgment of conviction by all means against me at the Magistrate Court, they clearly lack the evidence that will help the police to ensure a smooth and speedy conviction. Even before the main hearing due to lack of evidence they had to apply to the court and change the initial F.I.R. Ibrahim Bomoi has failed to come to the court on two different occasions to testify and for him to be cross examined by our counsel. Clearly he wants the court to do his own bidding by violating due process of litigation and to get judgment through the backdoor. We resisted;

(d). At the time the case at the Magistrate Court is ongoing Ibrahim Bomoi in a desperate attempt to incapacitate me and the company by all means misled the FCT Minister into instituting similar charges pending before the Magistrate Court against me in High Court 25 in Abuja. Joe KyariGadzama, who is the counsel to the plaintiffs, had taken sufficient advantage of the naivety and desperation of Bomoi who has more than enough to bankroll the plot against me and the company. He assured Bomoi of speedy trial and conviction against us but he was hugely disappointed and frustrated when the case begun as it became clear to him that we are ready to not only defend the phantom allegations against us but prepared to check his (Bomoi's) criminal excesses of using money to oppress me;

(e). When in a landmark ruling Justice D. Senchi of High Court 25 allowed us to go on Appeal after several intrigues by Bomoi to undermine the cause of justice and to get speedy judgment, Bomoi's frustration has become visible as he is now using his pawns to demonstrate that he cannot afford to wait for us to go on Appeal as ordered by the trial judge before determining the case. He wants everything to be done in his own way NOT as the law demands;

(f). It was when the two court cases clearly began to fail that Ibrahim Bomoi decided to revisit the allegation of certificate forgery he concocted and sponsored against me when I was in detention with the hope of using the police once again to arrest and detain me for as long as possible, since it appears clearly that the two courts (High Court and the Magistrate Court) are not willing to go by his dictates;

(g). There is no doubt that Ibrahim Bomoi is the founder and financier of a phantom group called Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria that wrote the two petitions against me. The obvious contradictions in their first and second letters are glaring. As at the time I wrote my rejoinder to their fabrications against me precisely in September 2013 the said organization had not registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC. Knowing very well that Ibrahim Bomoi as he has done before by using his agents to change or distort record of registered companies he is using as conduit pipe in the FCTA at CAC, we did an extensive search in September 2013 and we have the record that Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria as at then had not been registered.

And I stand to be corrected that as at Friday 4th April, 2014 a day after the second letter was published I did another search at the CAC to determine the status of the organization and whether it has been legally registered for the police to take issues from them and even investigate. From my search which I want the police to also do before considering anything from them 'Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria' is a fraud and has NOT been legally registered by CAC to undertake their dubious job. If the provisions of law must be observed, and considering the fact that they claim to be an organization registered under the law, while they are not, they don't have any legal right to ask the police or any constituted authority to investigate any matter. In fact they deserve to be investigated for violating the law.

In what clearly appears as an indictment and a clear case of fraud and criminality by an 'organisation' that wants to ensure justice and scrutinize my credentials (a job they have no legal right to undertake), our latest investigation in Lagos reveal that the said office address Bomoi's associstion used in writting their petition to your office at No; 39,Shogbamu Street, New Garage, Ojota, Lagos does NOT exist. I wonder who is criminal and culpable for prosecution between me and the fictitious and faceless organisation. I urge your good office too to investigate and verify our findings regarding the fake office address they used in their letter to you last week. Perhaps that is why they decided to change the initial Abuja office address they gave in their first letter to you which was also found to be fake to that of Lagos address thinking that it will be difficult for us to verify their deliberate fraud and criminality;

(h). The office address they provided in their first letter which is before you is Suite C5, Amsalco Plaza, Area 11, Garki, Abuja. In my response to your office in September 2013 I was categorical. I stated that during our search to find out whether the office actually exists there is NO single office at the said address bearing that name which disqualifies them legally to question the authenticity of my results and to even demand investigation on same. They are faceless;

(i). Surprisingly, in less than one year the ghost organization by the name Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria has 'relocated' from Suite C5, Amsalco Plaza, Area 11, Garki in Abuja to Lagos at No: 39, Shogbamu Street, New Garrage, Ojota as contained in their latest letter to you. For many of us in the media and those in the legal profession, we know IkechukwuChukwumere as a serial blackmailer who has through his practice subjected the legal profession into disrepute and who is ready at anytime to do dirty jobs just for the sake of money;

(j). In concocting the forgery allegation against me the sponsor of the unregistered group, Ibrahim Bomoi probably did not know that even the best institutions in the world offer distance and online programs for Degree, Masters and even Doctorate Degrees, PhD, just as I applied, secured admission and obtained my Degree certificate at the Institute of Advanced Technology and Management Studies in Niger Republic. The group and Bomoi did not know that even prestigious western universities that operated for 50 years and above like Hevert University, Walden University, Laureate University, University of Liverpool, and in Africa in nearly Benin Republic like Institute Superieur de Management Adomai are offering effective and competitive distance/online programs like the one I attended in Niger Republic. In fact, even ABU, Zaria's Master Program in International Affairs and Diplomacy which I did was largely reserved for the benefit of workers and those that don't have time to do the conventional program that requires one's presence every time that is why even our lectures is during weekends because virtually all of us are busy during week days;

(k). In his desperate attempt to implicate me by all means Ibrahim Bomoi has sponsored one of his equally notorious and corrupt lawyer to as far as Niamey in Niger Republic to the institution I attended and tried desperately to compromise them so as to distort my academic record and to create the impression that I never attended that institution. Ibrahim Bomoi in his desperation had gone to the extent of forging official documents of the institution to give the impression that I did not attend any program in the institution and to instigate my arrest in Nigeria by all means.

That is why I challenge him or the illegal organization he is using to go to court since they claim they have evidence of forgery against me instead of the attempts aimed at manipulating and misleading the police to do dirty job for him. The Nigeria Police is not an institution where blackmailers, criminals and corrupt public officers will dictate and have their way. For many of us, the Police is still a respected institution and we will continue to do everything humanly possible to preserve its image for the benefit of our nation.

(l). Out of confusion and obviously referring to the content of the reply I did to the Commissioner of Police in-charge of General Investigation that “I have NEVER in any of the interviews I granted and in my statement before you, or before any other agency whether private or public claimed to have obtained a Masters Degree Certificate from Niger Republic,” the ghost organization without taking time to verify the content of the interview made reference to the interview I granted the LEADERSHIP newspaper of 6th June, 2013 as a justification of contradicting my initial claim and therefore guilty to be arrested and to be prosecuted for forgery.

For the records and I stand to be corrected (that is if Ibrahim Bomoi did not use his dubious antics to compromise officials to distort official records at the institutions), I did and obtained my Degree Certificate in Mass Communication at the Institute of Advanced Technology and Management Studies in Niamey, Niger Republic and secured my Masters Degree admission through due process and after satisfying all the requirements at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I was also an active and punctual student in that class and known to many of my course mates and lecturers. To say it all, my name is among those that were published in the convocation booklet of the institution, having met all the academic requirements.

Even if Ibrahim Bomoi and his co-travellers are the VC or Board members of the two institutions I attended, insha Allah they cannot change or distort these facts. And I challenge them to take their 'facts' to the court instead of using the police to fight their blind battle. I have it on good authority that the first publication of the alleged certificate forgery Bomoi and his 'cult' group sponsored against me when I was in detention and how they illegally got access to my official file at ABU, Zaria was done through a whooping bribe of N2million Bomoi dashed out to perfect the deal.

Why is Bomoi or the so called Coalition of Civil Society Organizations so unwilling to use the 'facts' of the certificate forgery they have to institute a case against me but prefer desperately to hide under the police to do the dirty job for them? As an 'organization' that is “committed to the peace, unity, security and sanity of the Nigerian nation” apart from 'their patriotic efforts' in my own case what have they done during the period of their existence to justify the mission they stated above?

How many of such uncountable cases in Nigeria that breached the “peace, unity and security of the nation” have they attended to, investigated and requested the police to investigate and prosecute over the years? If they are not created by Ibrahim Bomoi for the purpose of destroying TukurMamu and DESERT HERALD by all means how many newspaper publications of similar cases have they sponsored in newspapers like they have done in my own case over the period of their existence?

And what is the source of their income to have afforded more than N400,000.00 for the full page publication they paid in Daily Trust, a paper that has compromised ethics due to rivalry, greed last week if they are not doing a hatchet job? The fact that their interest in the said Daily Trust advertorial as they repeatedly emphasized is Senator BalaAbdulkadir Mohammed and Ibrahim Bomoi shows clearly whom they are working for and those that sponsored the advertorial.

In their submission and out of frustration too Bomoi's Coalition of Civil Society Organizations have forgotten that the police are currently prosecuting the allegation of the so called N15million levelled against me in a court of law. They have forgotten that Bomoi and his cult group are afraid to come to the court and defend their bogus allegations.

We will ensure that the court calls all the members of the cult group to testify and to defend their allegations against me. And we will ensure their cross examination is extensively covered by the media when the time comes, for the world to judge. Ibrahim Bomoi for his selfish interest is only misleading, deceiving and unnecessarily scaring the FCT Minister and some of his aides against me so as to hide under their 'powerful' back to ensure my destruction by all means. I have nothing personal against the FCT Minister and his aides.

I am therefore calling on your good office to ensure fairness in this highly intriguing case and investigation. I want and I am willing to be investigated and I pray that as the constitution demands the police would not only be objective but would ensure fairness for both parties. We are not and we will not be intimidated by the antics of criminals like Ibrahim Bomoi in the discharge of our duties as newspaper executives and journalists to the growth of the Nigerian society.

I believe that is why DESERT HERALD got international recognition and that is why my illegal arrest and detention for 16 days in September, 2013 was sufficiently captured in the United States Country Report for Violation of Human Rights for 2013. Even though I was not employed by the 'Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria' or any other government or private agency nor did I submit my credentials before anybody looking for employment to warrant the consistent blackmail against me, I am ready to go to any court of justice to defend my credentials and hard earned integrity.

May Allah continue to guide you in the discharge of your duties to the nation.

Yours Sincerely,

Malam Tukur Mamu



Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Institute of Advanced Technology and Management Studies, Niamey

National Human Rights Commission
Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ, New York
Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa, PRJA, Cape Town

Reporters Without Boarders, RWB, Paris
Nigerian Press Council
Embassy of the United States of America, Abuja
Civil Rights Congress, CRC
DIG, FCID, Area 10, Garki, Abuja