APC 's New Nigeria Dream & The Nightmares To Come

By Showunmi Rex
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Few weeks ago the foremost opposition party in Nigeria, the All Progressive Congress, APC indirectly flagged off her campaign with the APC summit in Abuja. There , her 2015 campaign message became subliminally unveiled. "The New Nigeria" it chorused.

"The New Nigeria...", I pondered on for a long while. This is a very great caption I must confess. But I would not assume that APC understands politics and the aspect of Campaign that I would keep shut. It will be a case of once beaten twice shy. I cannot forget in a hurry how I watched the opposition play away the opportunity to bring the desired change to Nigeria in 2011.

The New Nigeria concept is a very sell-able one. It is an encompassing concept that defines the political behaviour of Nigerians. First, Nigerians have voting apathy. Two, there are more fresh voters in 2015. An average Nigerian on the street is either tired of this government or the country or the both. It is either you hear an average man say let us break up or let there be revolution. This suggests that proposing something new to them- something different from what is the case- but with the hope of bringing them good governance would win their votes.

The Party's think tank already put the APC in a tight corner. The one that will either win her the polls or expose it to the most humiliating defeat in recent Nigeria. Seriously, my fear is the possibility of a totalitarian Nigeria. Is that not enough reason to fear? The tyranny of PDP will wield stronger in 2015 and beyond if they ever win than power once again . It would mean 20years of PDP rule by 2019.It would look like the end of the world. Transformation will turn to absolute deformation. It could only get worse my fake patriot, listen to wisdom.

However, APC, should understand that a naked person cannot promise people clothes. The stakes are high now and there will be tougher hurdles on the route.

My bosom friend has a message to add -a Jonathan Apologist though- one of the few young people that I know to be cynical about APC's Change Story.

"You cannot project a new Nigeria under someone who served in the Sector where the greatest kleptocrat stole funds most. Also, it will be hard for you to preach a new Nigeria with the personality of a Candidate who ran as lieutenant in the casted Army." he believes.

How will APC manage to convince the people to believe in her product will be a herculean task especially as it is a poll to unseat the sitting President? It all begins with the right candidates and the best campaign network.

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