Nigerian Politicians: Between Democrats And Hypocrites

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No doubt, democracy is the world's sweetest brand of wine. So sweet is this wines that nation climb mountains, cross rivers and walk miles to taste them. No thanks to American and European bullies and thanks to Ancient Greece, a government of the people by the people and for the people as Abraham Lincoln (1806-1865) penned down has come to stay. In 1999 when the death of 'Juntarism' was announced, many a Nigerians composed the funeral dirge of military jack boot. Then, the fear of the khaki boys was the beginning of wisdom.

However, since to reject one is to accept another, Nigerians accepted democracy against military rule. Legs danced, hands clapped and mouths sang uhuru. Believing that our 'chi' has thrown into our mouth the proverbial piece of good fortune as expectation was great and hopes rose high. However, fifteen years into the journey the more Nigerians look, the less they see. At our own peril, we have discovered like the young antelope that we have danced ourselves lame when the main music was yet to come.

It is not funny that for all these years, democracy has not thought of Nigeria not to talk of knocking at her door. when we can't conduct a free and fair election, ensure majority and minority right, respect of rule of law and respect of human right, I think our so called 'dealers' in the political arena need to come to the square and tell us what other ingredients of democracy we have. And if we don't have democracy how can we have democrats?

For every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing a toga of a politician, democracy is the selling brand. Like the cunning fox that would arrive when the war has ended to claim victory, minions, Lilliputians vampiric and ancient wolves and political liquidators have been parading themselves as democratic thin gods in Nigeria. Put bluntly the political arena is saturated with hypocritic kleptomaniacs whose fang on the treasury is more deadly than cancer claiming to have married democracy and made love to her principle and tenets.

One may not have an atom of difficulty in believing that the politicians in Nigeria descended from the Pharisee of old; the champion of hypocrisy. For an average Nigerian politician, the hallmark of politics is the mastery and marketing of deception. Who qualifies to be a democrat in Nigeria if not one who says yes when he mean no? Come to think of this, if the so called 'civilian rule' under the thieving and vampiric PDP controlled federal government was a democratic one, will primacy and supremacy of the Nigerian constitution be thrown to the wolves? Will the whims and caprices of sect few made a dogma and the will of the people which is the 'kpim' of democracy banished? For the federal government to be making lame claim of running a democratic government in the mist of endless impunity and executive rascality speaks volume. All we know is that the trunk of a tree can stay for centuries under water but it can never transform into a crocodile.

The political 'hypocrites' dotting and polluting the political atmosphere should have no business with Nigeria in the first place. After all, no one has heard that a thousand high heels have changed the destiny of a dwarf. Nigerian 'hypocrites' and power grabbers like the mischievous fellow that sold his goat and refuse to let go the rope have vowed to remain in power through crook or hook, ballot or bullet. Our college of crooks and their conclave of crooked cronies have everything in surplus but character. They think and act as if the political arena is a minefield for displaying the ignoble mischief making and poverty creating prowess.

One expecting anything good from this crop of Nigerian 'moniticains' can as well go and search for a virgin in the maternity ward or wait till the Zuma rock turns into a loaf of bread. The signs are clear and the evidence very glaring. From one political dispensation to another, it has been fake and empty promises. I can't imagine that India built the world largest refineries in eight months yet our four refineries are in vegetarian state in order to create a conduit pipe for emptying the treasury. Our road networks are one of the worst in Africa.

Electricity is a scarce commodity while portable water and affordable house for the masses have gone into extinction. The entire education sector is in comatose as the whims and caprices of political marauders have replaced the constitution. Nigeria, no doubt is in distress because these squandermaniac lords, kleptomaniac prince and princesses, manner less first ladies and their 'lootocratic' allies have been urinating on us and claiming its raining.

It is indeed the zenith of hypocrisy for people who think that democracy is all about 'money changing hands and throats getting moistened and palms getting greased'( apologies to Ayi Kwei Amal) to call themselves democrats instead of 'hypocrites'. Pitiably these light fingered buccaneers with their craven of boot lickers and professional singers have succeeded in destroying sanity, raping decorum and mocking our value system. Can killing of meritocracy and giving life to the dying mediocrity be their worst crime against Nigeria and Nigerians?

Like the proverbial elders responded when tortoise fated and asked them to roll out drums in celebration, we must say 'Tufiakwa' to all political wolves in sheep clothing in 2015. It may be here or there but never with 'hypocrites' wearing 'bubanriaga' meant for democrats. It will really be history if we collectively choose to make them history in 2015.

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