How To Sell Yourself To The World

By Showunmi Rex

Brief: We need to Sell what we have and what we are to the World

When we were born we came with innate ideas and natural abilities . Everything we needed to enable our survival, it seems, came with us: a mind to grasp and learn, to function, survive and contribute to humanity. And then, it's important to admit: the role of Expression and Communication in all our activities.

When a baby weeps when it is hungry it is communicating to survive, to remind or request for something to quench thirst and hunger, or destroy/defuse pain. In most cases, the baby gets all that it needs. That is the beginning and we never get satisfied till our last breathe. Even at dying times we still need wishes we may want fulfilled after we are gone.

How do we get all that we want? Some within our reach others with the help of people. But, we need to win their heart to get the help. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur in need of Angel Investors or a politician seeking election or re- election. Even a salesman trying to increase sales of his product; we all need that charm -attractive feature-that endears us to people's heart. We need the art of learning how to sell our person or product to the world.

*Considering these points below can help us achieve that art*

Re-Examine Yourself:
Socrates, the Ancient Philosopher, brought out a new discourse on Humanity into man's reasoning. Man know thyself was the theme of his teachings. We need to introspect and retrospect into the happenings within and without. When we take a fact finding look into happenings around us only then will we understand how some stuffs unfold. It is an unbelievable fact that a large chunk of the world population lives on prejudices. An average Nigerian will get a credit in that . However, looking at things critically will at least open up our eyes to see the true nature of our challenges and what we need to do about them. It can save us a lot of time and pain .Examining our lives will enable us to re-strategize , figure out what's functioning in our lives and what is not .Also , we can see ourselves in the true light of things-just as we truly are.

Determine What your True Goals are:
When we understand ourselves better we can bring to fore our true heart yearning as goals. Discovering our passion will navigate us to push forward in the direction of our goals. Our passion writes and shapes our goals. It increases our drive and strengthens our focus, too.

Find an Association:

As a social being, man always find it necessary to associate or be a part of a group. For one to sell himself to the world he needs a platform, it often begins unconsciously. One's immediate family are the first observers of one's capabilities and that's where the first 'advert comes from.

However, as growth increases, stage to stage has its relationship formations; friendship, falling in love , choice of sport, hobbies, political affiliations ,Fraternity , etc. You are as good as your association.

Anyone willing to sell himself to the world must first be a part of a formation who will first accept him and take cognizance of his potentials and qualities. They will act as an outreach for launching himself. The church is one of the most viable association to attach to. Most great musicians often give credit to the Choir as where it first began. Also, people have risen to greatness because of the connection, assistance and the relationship they kept over time.

These days Social media is forming a stronger bond across ties. Entertainment, politics, Business,etc have social network platforms to relate with family, friends, associates and partners as well as the world at large.

Being and Giving the Best:
In the Business world, as it is in any endeavour, building a brand is as important as anything. Business thrives on the belief that dealings will be handled by the best hands. If your work depicts quality it won't take time to be easily noticeable while people are willing to pay through their nose to get value for their money. The Holy scripture talks about a diligent man that would 'stand before kings and not mean men'. The biblical story of Joseph explains this better: when the need arose to solve the King's problems, it didn't take much thinking before Joseph was recommended. Hardwork and giving the best are like necessary beings. You cannot bring forth the best without hardwork, I mean smart work. Continuous mastery of your craft , more than anything else, endows a man with charming personalities.

Value and character:
You can belong to an association, give quality services but if you have a character flaw, you are bound to face huge resentments in acceptance by people. Sporting World explains this concept very well. Talents and hard work are secondary to discipline and character. When you share constructive moral values people will easily like and stand for you. You have won a special place in their heart. As a wise saying quotes: 'people dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. '

Showunmi Rex is a Writer, Public Speaker, Socio-political Philosopher and Entrepreneur. His Interests are Business and Politics.