2015: Orji Insists On Power Shift

Source: pointblanknews.com
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Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State has again stated that come May 29, 2015, “power must shift to Ukwa/Ngwa people of the state.”

Governor Orji said the plan to ensure that an Ukwa/Ngwa emerged as next governor of the state was not out of sentiments or selfish reasons, but out of a need to ensure justice and fairness.

He said the election of an Ukwa/Ngwa man as his successor will also eliminate marginalisation and ethnic cleavages in the state.

Orji said, “There is no going back on the plans to cede power to Ukwa/Ngwa people.”

The governor spoke in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, on Wednesday.

The occasion was a visit by members of Ukwa/Ngwa Professionals to his office.

He said rotating power across zones and blocs that make up a state is the in-thing in states as a way of ensuring equity, fairness and end marginalisation.

“This would make everybody have a sense of belonging,” he said.

He, however, urged them to help him realise the project, saying certain Ukwa/Ngwa people have been the ones sabotaging the project.

He said, “I want you to support this project. I have said it, I am not going back. But you people have to support me. I made a promise that it should be Ukwa/Ngwa. You have to work hard and present somebody that is acceptable and the party will support him and he will be voted for.

“I remember, when I said this, the first attack I had was from an Ukwa/Ngwa person, who said let the best person emerge, making me to look stupid but I know that I am not stupid. If there is fairness and equity, there will be no rancour. But if there is no equity and fairness, anarchy may set in.

“So what I said and we are pursuing will bring peace to Abia. I know that some people will be fighting to thwart this but God will fight for us. I believe that it is the right and proper thing to do.”

“I prayed God to guide me and I decided that for fairness and equity, it will be good for an Ukwa/Ngwa person to be the next governor. You did not lobby me; I did not discuss with any person, only God. This is what I feel God said I should say and do; I think that it is the fairest thing to do.

“When I did it, I discovered that it is the in-thing. If you go to Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross River, and Akwa Ibom, it is the same. Abia State has come of age, it is now age of reasoning not intimidation,” remarked the Abia State governor.

Leader of the Ukwa/Ngwa Professionals, Chief Sunny Aku, commended the governor for the decision and assured him of the group's support and that of their people.