Buhari/Tinubu Ticket, This APC's Suicide Mission.

Source: pointblanknews.com

I received a news alert this morning that the All Progressive Congress popularly called the Angry People Congress (APC) was going to field Alhaji (Gen) Muhammadu Buhari and Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu as their presidential candidate and running mate respectively in the 2015 elections.

The first thought that came to my mind was that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) did not need to boycott the 2016 population census anymore.

This APC sometimes referred to as the Islamic party of Nigeria by persons like Fani Femi-Kayode has presented an earlier opportunity for us to know the truth.

With the Alhaji Buhari/Tinubu ticket in 2015, The Jonathan/Namadi guys can just go and sleep. Their next four years from 2015 to 2019 is guaranteed.

Unfortunately for General Buhari, he will be the only presidential candidate in history that has been defeated five times by four different persons in five different contests. That is good for the Guinness Book of Record.

I used to think that these APC had strategists in their midst. Anyway since they received the former rebel governors into their midst confirmed that their strategists are persons like Liar Mohammed.

This APC's thought we were told was that Ahmed Bola Tinubu is a Muslim like Late MKO Abiola of the SDP fame.

But they forget to add that Chief MKO Abiola was the presidential candidate of SDP and was not the running mate. Secondly Tofa was an unknown person in 1993 while Chief MKO Abiola was a colossus beyond borders.

Let this APC make this mistake please God.
Therefore Dear APC the Angry People's Congress, please give us your Alhaji Mohammadu Buhari and Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu ticket for a quick and decisive defeat of the APC.

What a sweet victory it will be to defeat Alhaji Buhari and Alhaji Tinubu put together and we shall shout Halleluyah!

I rest my case.
Ndiameeh Babangida Babreek.
[email protected]