Politicians And Entertainers

As 2015 general elections approaches and campaigning heats up, one begins to wonder the role of entertainers and their relationships with politicians.

Historically, entertainers have been very active in politics. Besides the infamous adultery scandals such as involved a young handsome American President in the 1960s and a busty Hollywood actress, Nigeria has seen many actresses befriend and almost wreck marriages of politicians. There was once a famous case involving a Nigerian Vice President and a dark and lovely Nollywood actress. Even at the State level, some actresses supposedly befriend married governors and end up with appointments as SA (Special Assistants/Special Advisers, not Sexual Assistants).

When you remove these sexual relationships, there have been less amorous synergies between politicians and entertainers. Hollywood stars mobilised for US President Barak Obama. These included the ones that campaigned for him, sang for him and donated money to his campaign. In Nigeria, entertainers do not donate money to politicians, but instead 'obtain politicians - sorry receive donations from politicians.

SA to Imo State Governor Nkiru Sylvester and Delta State Commissioner for Culture & Tourism Barr. Richard Mofe Damijo

Entertainers cannot be neglected by any smart politician because they wield a massive influence on the general populace. They say that art imitates life, but sometimes life imitates art. You find politicians using songs or lines from movies to motivate people in an attempt to solicit their votes. Entertainers are able to reach the common person and take the message to them, especially if that politician has a genuine manifesto that will touch the lives of people and he wants that to be used as a deciding factor.

Recently, a Delta State governorship aspirant visited Lagos to meet with Nollywood stars, musicians and comedians. I am sure that based on our copycat culture, more aspirants will follow suit. This will definitely enrich the pockets of some not-so hungry entertainers. Most of them know that unless they befriend the politicians or marry them, the relationship is only for the season. So, enjoy it while it last.

We cannot ignore entertainers that have gone and become politicians. There is a plethora of them. Some have risen to be the number one citizens in their country or state, such as late US President Ronald Reagan and former California Governor and Terminator star, Arnold Swazznegger. In the current democratic dispensation in Nigeria, many politicians have contested for office and several have taken up political appointments as Commissioners, including Nkiru Sylvester, Richard Mofe Damijo, to name a few.

Many politicians know that in the present day Nigeria, there are many political jobbers and sycophants. Unfortunately, many are entertainers that literally play to the political gallery. Unlike in the days of Fela, most musicians nowadays sing praises of politicians. You will rarely listen to an album and hear criticism of politicians. Rather, you will hear songs that make the artist a pseudo or quasi Commissioner of Information. Anyway, based on the economic situation in the country, one may be attempted to understand that they have been hired as Public Relations Officers because as they say 'he that pays the piper, dictates the tune.'

Music is important for our soul. The thespian said, 'if music be the food of love, play on.' Politicians and Entertainers sometimes have a love hate relationship. Nonetheless, let the music play on.

For 2015, let us use the entertainers positively.

*Akpodiete is an author, Computer Scientist, Educator, Consultant, lawyer, Political Analyst & Social commentator. He has a Doctorate degree in Jurisprudence from the US. He has lectured Law, Ethics and Security & Intelligence Studies at the University level here in Nigeria and US.

...He also writes for a state daily newspaper & national monthly journal. He currently divides his time between Nigeria and USA where he runs an international capacity building firm. Contact him on 08138391661 or [email protected]

SA To Imo State Governor Nkiru Sylvester And Delta State Commissioner For Culture & Tourism Barr. Richard Mofe Damijo
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