A Press Release From The National President Of Ekiti Nobles Association Mr Tokunbo Ajayi During The Press Conference At Best Model Hotel Nta Road Ado Ekiti On 26th March 2014.

Source: pointblanknews.com

All protocol duly observed.
The Ekiti Nobles Association is an independent non partisan and nonprofit developmental based indigenous association that achieves its aims through:

• Become authentic voice for articulating canvassing promoting and defending Ekiti interest on all issues.

• The association develops and propagates plans that will make the resident Ekiti citizen the centre piece of government development policies.

• Also to identify and support political and social economic agenda considered beneficial to the interest of Ekiti and its residents.

• To identify and acclaim and celebrate distinguished indigenes especially those residing in Ekiti.

• To also resist and seek redress in any situation where the interest of an Ekiti man is violated and to finally cooperate with any interest persons or organization that shares similar interest with us.

The political campaign has kick started this is why we deemed it necessary to come out this time to sensitize our people as a part of civil society organization to tell our people not to play politics of bitterness.

The recent PDP crisis in the state was the reason why we have decided to appeal to the aggrieved person(s) to seek redress in court instead of resulting to murder and threat of life for others.

In a democratic settings, I believe they say majority carry the vote, but we discovered that a lot of things went wrong in the primary process and correction has to be made and I know it is a monumental error from the side of the PDP to have allow a single person conduct primaries while INEC commissioners sat there and commented that it was free and fear while others were not allowed in the premises but rather tear gassed..

As an Observer, Ekiti Noble Association was there when they tear gassed the former dep Gov, Abiodun Aluko, Olubolade and Dayo Adeyeye, we believed that these are our sons from Ekiti that had serve this country in one capacity or the order and they have to be respected no matter what.

With the information we heard, we don't know how far this is true that one of the aspirant gave PDP National Party Executive N200M in order to emerge and that the wife is also very close to the president's wife. But the question is, must that be a criteria for determining who to be the governor of a state?

We are telling the world that the PDP does not follow their code of conduct in accordance to their constitution, and the President and their NWC and Muazu himself has erred by allowing an individual to sponsor the whole exercise of the primaries that is supposed to be sponsored by the party, no wonder the state chairman of the party has threaded to resign because he was not a party to the whole exercise, though we saw him agitating for primaries in front of their party secretariat, he tried to play neutral though but when it does not favour him he seconded and threatened to resign.

Nigerian and Ekiti people will not allow anybody no matter how highly placed to come here to cause division amongst our people because of their own personal gain.

This is a faulty process to have allow an aspirant that has been agitating for primary be allowed alone into the venue where the primaries is taking place and tear gassed other governorship aspirants who had one time or the other served this country.

We, as pressure group condemned this totally and we demand a speech from their party Headquarters to tell Ekiti People why the whole thing went that way if President Jonathan want Ekiti People to vote for him come 2015 .

With this type of behavior on the part of PDP NWC, this could cause a mayhem and lawlessness if treated with levity, and if it is the plan of Mr. President to declare State of Emergency in Ekiti that will not work.

How can one single aspirant sponsor the reception and hosting of the committee from Abuja when it supposes to be sponsored by the State Party Secretariat? That means a lot to the generality of the Party stakeholders in the state and something is wrong somewhere.

There are many issues raised that we are still investigating. If this country want to be free from corruption, we should endeavor to vote for people of integrity who will see themselves as servants of the people and not LORDS.

For example; Somebody will steal billions of naira they will allow him to go free or at most pay N750,000 fine and somebody that steal N100,000 will be sent to prison, which implies that the institutions that are suppose to fight corruptions are been headed by corrupt people which means we are not going anywhere in this country.

Our submit therefore as a pressure group is that Mr. President, Chairman of PDP, NWC and INEC to do the right thing in order to have a credible election in Ekiti State and 2015 subsequently. God Bless.

Tokunbo Ajayi
President General