IMA HONOURS AJIBOLA AT 80 * As Islamic Scholar Supports Birthday celebration

By Idris Katib

The Islamic Mission for Africa(IMA) has honoured the former judge of the world court, Judge Bola Ajibola at 80.Speaking at a special programme organize to commemorate the 80th birthday of the international jurist, the Chairman, Working Governing Council, Alhaji MW Salaudeen described Judge Ajibola as a bundle of knowledge, wisdom and humour combined.

Salaudeen praised Ajibola for mentoring many youths who also regarded him as their father.

Speaking under the topic " Birthday Celebration: Islamic Perspective", Director of Markaz Arabic Institute, Agege, Sheikh Habeebullah Adam contended that to commemorate one's birthday was not an innovation noting that Prophet Muhammad used to fast on Mondays to commemorate his birthday and thank his Creator.

Commending Judge Ajibola for his efforts on Islamic Mission for Africa and Crescent University which he founded, Sheikh Adam said since God instructed man to be thankful to Him at age 40 because of the significance of the age, it was incumbent to be grateful to God at an advanced age of 80.

He referred to age 50 as the peak of human life after which it depreciates till the last breadth which he said had been budgeted. He however stressed that celebration of birthday should not be done in acts of sins such as drinking alcohol and other related.