The unfortunate blast in Nigeria

My sympathy to those who lost their lives and others injured in the unfortunate blast that took place in Warri, Delta State of Nigeria. I also sympathize with the few elders who may be innocent because the politicians who calls themselves "leaders" have misled them and didn't really know the truth. I can see the reaction from these politicians and some youths who don't know better their rights because they're been bamboozled by the powers that be. All they talk about is development, development, development as if they believe anyone is worth dying because she/he seek development, youth empowerment, education and jobs which are all fundamental duties of both local, state and federal governments.

Development and others aren't the answer to the Niger Delta problems though needed. The federal government has also fixed its agenda for the region on development as if when Abuja the new seat of government made possible by Niger Delta oil was developed anyone was killed asking for it. They get it, but don't get it and so postponing the evil days. Therefore, these good for nothing rulers and Vanguard Newspaper must stop deceiving the people. Enough of this sham! Adaka Jaspa Boro, Ken Saro-Wiwa and many others didn't die for Niger Delta's development, but self-determination as guaranteed the North, West and East, but denied south-south by the former. They must stop holding workshops, conferences, summits, etc. not tailored toward the immediate actualization of self-determination which guarantees resource and environmental control.

Enough of these lies, amnesty, which the federal government and oil companies including the region's politicians and rulers need for their pathological behavior against the people. How does a squatter or stranger even think of amnesty for the owner of a home or landlord? This is insane, and more so that is coming from and applauded by educated Niger Deltans though mostly used as stooges. Enough of this foolishness, slumber and sell-out for a mess of pottage!

Meanwhile, I abhor violence, it isn't the answer to any problem, but a working means necessary and available in this circumstance that could bring a positive or otherwise end, including disintegration, my ultimate prayer for Nigeria. Justified violence in self-defense becomes necessary when nonviolence was murdered on Nov. 10, 1995. On this day the announcement was made of the killing of Saro-Wiwa and others, by the same oppressors of Niger Delta for demanding equity, respect and justice. They're killed for also demanding true federalism, hard work, democracy, good governance and peace. That inhuman treatment hasn't changed! Consequently, the lives and environment of the people of Niger Delta have been in absolute danger for more than 50 odd years. The region therefore has every right, even as protected by legal provisions to fight in self-defense to safe what is left of its wealth and battered environment.

Or should the region sit and watch its oil/gas wealth forced to development and give better life to other people; should it wait for oil to run out before it will act; and of what benefit will this be when their shall be no platform to seek justice? Can the people cry when their heads are cut off? No! The region therefore demand full justice now or never! Enough of the advantage taking; enough of pressures from the Western nations caused by higher demand for oil! They also provide the technology, the loans that ends in politicians private foreign accounts. The loans which can only be repaid by the continuous exploitation of Niger Delta. The west provides the guns (among others) used to kill those who stand up to say no; "we need justice!" The more oil they use the more deaths, poverty, sicknesses and diseases in the Niger Delta; the more the environmental is depleted yet theirs is protected.

This is double standards and environmental racism. They all have oil/gas but can't extract them because the people say no for environmental safety. Those who are mining use the funds well; the federal or central government only get taxes from proceeds and don't disturb the owners. Why can't they encourage same in Niger Delta but watch as the peasants are made sacrificial lambs. The west, America especially which consume much of the oil should stop and think with a human heart. Capitalism which ignores the humanity of others isn't meant to live. It shouldn't be about corporate and country's interest alone but space should be kept in their heart for those who live on the land where these oil/wealth are carted. It shouldn't be just about profit, but corporate and nation's morality and responsibility.

The fact that the Nigerian Government is ignorant and doesn't value and protect its people shouldn't give oil companies, their stakeholders and home countries/governments the right to cheat and exploit even in the face of conflict and deaths in the Niger Delta. Or should we say is a continuation of, or indirect slavery? Integrity, ethics, empathy, mutual respect and understanding matters a lot for a better world and safe environment. The west should as a result exhibit a sense of moral responsibility and drop the take-all syndrome.

The sell-out rulers of Niger Delta should also drop same syndrome and be honest with the people. They still don't get the picture; they've remain fools in the midst of plenty but comfortable because the scrums are on their own table while the masses roast in hunger and abject poverty and death. They're helping the cabal use the people of the region and further siphon their oil and gas and degrade the environment to their detriment. Imagine climate changes/global warming caused by gas flaring or other methods of fossil fuel burning! Where would the people run if earthquake and other disasters occasioned by hyper-exploitation and pressure on the land struck? What is the region's contingency plan? If Nigeria which doesn't exist but for the region's stolen oil refused bluntly to treat the people right when they've one of the most if not the most beautiful damsel (oil/gas) on earth, what will it do when this damsel exist no more or devalued due to quest for renewable energy?

True Niger Deltans should know the truth as I'm telling it with humility to avoid a sense of humiliation by those who would feel humiliated by the bitterness of the truth. The region demand an end to gimmicks; it demands resource, environmental and ecological control which is a birthright. The environment can be well protected by those who own the area and live in it. What has happened in the past 50 years of oil exploitation shows foreign oil companies such as $hell, local ones and the federal government can't protect the Niger Delta environment because they don't own it nor bear the consequences of its ruins. The environment being a first right without which no other rights could be achieved must be controlled and protected or preserved by its owners-Niger Delta in this situation. Enough of the crass amnesty and conference, enough!

What was the so-called amnesty about in the first place if the region's struggle is just? because it's. The politicians and rulers of Niger Delta help the fetish government achieve it anyway. Yet, it's no means to any end nor end in itself. The government and rulers of the region are playing games every step of the way. The Niger Delta Technical Committee, which had more than 90 percent indigenes from the region as members including Ledum Mitee, who purports to have been Ken Saro-Wiwa's lieutenant but betrayed him at the gallows broached the insane amnesty. Mitee was of course the chairman of said committee and there were scores of other self-acclaimed activists and scholars too. The Niger Delta trust has been betrayed by the committee.

They did nothing but helped the oppressors who picked them and sponsored the committee continue to undermine the region and its environment. This happened when they recommended amnesty to the federal genocidal government, and for the freedom fighters who have a duty to fight for and save their land and wealth for themselves and generations unborn. The Niger Delta freedom fighters are justified to protect the region's wealth compared to former President Bush who had no justification to force into Iraq yet he wasn't granted amnesty for crimes of aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Unfortunately, the inglorious committee, which some have commended for their no-spirit and piece-meal solutions also recommended other palliatives or antidotes instead of panacea. They ask for infrastructural development; youth empowerment and so forth. They forgot or ignored the fact that these are constitutional or fundamental duties of government. They forgot (or just being used against their land) no person should die for such developments, as evident in other regions of the nation which uses funds from the Niger Delta oil for their development. The committee, which wasn't for the people but established to fool the world while oil continue to flow helped the federal government manage a problem beyond management, but demands lasting solution which is resource control.

The fetish government talked about additional 10 percent and some people jump in jubilation. They must be sick I'd said. Ten percent of what; of the people's wealth shared in piece-meals to the owners, who don't even see this money but heard about it and how they dance in private accounts abroad? Please, I should be spared the joke! Don't or can't this people and the fetish government get it, as simple as it's but for national laziness and greed? How sane could someone who want to give me a 10 percent of money in my savings be; or a government which plugs the fruit of my cash crops or economic tree (mango or palm tree for instance) and grant me 10 or any percentage?

Enough of these talks, greed and show of shame! These rulers who are misnamed leaders are assisting the federal government and oil companies oppress the people and this is unfortunate and unacceptable. What does it matter with the post juju talk when the region's oil is shared among Northern elite and the oil firms; benefited far away in Western nations and Asia while the owners' environment take the hit and the people belt-up their empty stomach, yet no basic amenities? Niger Delta arise and demand justice not in piece-meal, but in full. Demand it now before anyone would talk of peace-no justice no peace, right? Or is 50 years not enough of the talks, pleadings, exploitation and death? Remember your salvation, freedom is in your hands, no other person can give it to you-when you do it your way you get it your way. Then your foes will ask to be your friends. Wake up!

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