Between Dangote's riches, and blood of innocent Nigerians in ourhighways.

By Louis Akhigbe
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Money they say answers all things. As it stands today, both individuals, organisations, and even nations of the world tolled day and night to improve their lots economically. Any individual therefore, that decided to work hard and make much money should be applauded and given the necessary encouragement and support, because he/she would have contributed immensely to the overall growth of the economy by that venture.

Aliko Dangote is a man widely respected for his noble contributions to the Nigerian economy in particular, and Africa in general. Today, he stands tall as one of the richest in the globe and unarguably the richest in Africa. This fit, is a thing that Nigerians can be pround of, needless to mention the army of employees his companies have absorbed over the years. However, his success, though a plus to the Nigerian economy is beginning to come at a price too costly for Nigerians to pay.

When his now popular drivers recruitment exercise attracted applications from holders, holders and ph.d holders, we had a sigh of relief that at least given the education, discipline and responsibility of this calibre of applicants, if employed, our roads will be safer and we will now be sleeping with our two eyes closed when ever our love ones are travelling. However, the last have not been had of that exercise and the drivers we still see on the roads today in Dangote trucks are still the same blood tasty, impatient, irresponsible young men who have no respect for human life. A lot has happened albeit tragically on our roads. A lot of people have met their untimely death courtesy of this trucks and there is no end in sight as to when this truck drivers will stop their recklessness in our high ways. In one of the famous quotes of martin Luther king Jr he asserts, and quote: The biggest tragedy of any nation is not when the oppressors keep oppressing, but when those that are oppressed remain quite. Over 50% of the fatal accident in our roads today are caused by this trucks especially in the south south which I know very well. If the blood and life of innocent Nigerians is still worth a penny to our leaders, they should as a matter of urgency call Dangote group to order. Most of this drivers should also be taken to psychiatric test in order to confirm their sanity or otherwise.

Louis Akhigbe writing from Benin city, Edo state.

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