I Won't Participate In Ekiti PDP Primary—Adeyeye

By Prince Dayo Adeyeye Movement

Afenifere Chieftain and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant, Prince Dayo Adeyeye has declined participation in the party's primary election scheduled for tomorrow.

He said; "the kangaroo ward congresses held on Wednesday produced magomago delegates that will eventually lead to the emergence of a wuruwuru candidate that will never stand for any election."

Adeyeye, in a statement issued today, said inspite of the glaring flaws in the last Wednesday Ward Congresses, the primary election was still going to be held on the basis of the grossly doctored delegate lists purportedly generated from the exercise.

He said; "our position still remains the same. We said yesterday that if we must participate in the Saturday's primary election, the authentic list of delegates elected in the eleven local councils where the Ward Congress was held must be used. Also, fresh Congress must be held in Ado, Emure, Gbonyin, Ise/Orun and Ikere LGs where the Congress did not hold on Wednesday.

"As we speak, lists of delegates that they fraudulently compiled four weeks ago in connivance with some Abuja people are the ones they want to use for the primary. They have replaced the names of the authentic delegates elected in the 11 local councils where the Ward Congresses took place with those of Ayo Fayose's men.

"Even in Ise/Orun, my own Local Government and Ikere where election materials did not get to on Wednesday, they have included names of delegates from the local councils.

"Because of these manipulations, they have not pasted the list of delegates that will vote tomorrow and we won't be part of any fraudulent primary election that is skewed towards selling the PDP ticket to the highest bidder."