Things Fall Apart: Murder Cases, Counter Allegations Tears Anambra Community Apart

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

At last, the so-called suspects have gone to Abuja and returned “peacefully”…

…SSS, Igwe Iweka, others have reacted to the alleged murder cases!

Level of interrogations, results, culprits, sponsors (so to say) still under the shadow

Who is who-none uncovered…
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Determined to ensure that justice and peace return in Obosi community, Idemili-North local government area of Anambra state, Prince Emeka Orizu, today, sent what could be termed “save our soul text messages to the Police CID Abuja”, calling on them to expedite action on their bids to unravel the impasse ravaging the town as a hurricane wind.

The SMS read in part: “Good-Evening Sir, how are you and your family? I pray it is well with you all. Sir, they all (murder suspect's) came back today and since their arrival, they have being going round the town shooting gun (pump action), saying nothing is happening and nothing can happen, even if they kill more people, that Chief Osita Chidoka is there for them.

Source's said that he (Chief Chidoka) told them, that DIG 'D' who is incharge of Force Abuja is negotiating to be the next IGP, and he needs the help of Chief Chidoka to make it there, so he will never say 'No' to any request made by Chief Chidoka, so the murder cases are all dead. Thanks! From Emeka Ike Orizu”.

When asked to substantiate his claim, Prince Orizu alleged: “As I reported earlier, two separate teams of the Police CID came to our town and obtained statement from Igwe A.C Iweka. But none made an attempt to arrest him having been empowered by their pay-master Chief Osita Chidoka and cohorts, the suppressor of these investigations… last Monday, 17thMarch, some murder suspects among whom were Jim-Rock, Echezona Iweka, Jideofor Onwugbolu, Ikechukwu Nkembuofu, Okechukwu Okanu among others went to Abuja to answer the case. Unfortunately, I learnt that they were discharged same day”.

“They have returned as well, celebrating, claiming freedom in connectivity with Chief Osita Chidoka's influence. This is why I am calling on the force to react to this as a matter of urgent importance. It is crime case, a case of murder. The accused must face the law. Justice must prevail. I am urging on the Force not to allow financial gain to deprive them from carrying-out the investigation. They must continue till the bad eggs are revealed and punished in accordance to the dictate of law”.

“On this note, I also wishes to appeal to the Federal Government to prevail on this matter as a way of calling Chidoka to order or relieve him of his Road Safety Duty due to his extravagant expenses to subdue justice. Let them be cautioned to back-out of these interrogations. If not, the perpetrators may continue. This portends danger in our community. It might lead to extinction of our youths. They kill them day and night. Not fewer than two persons die on daily basis”.

However, HRH Igwe Chidubem Iweka, the Traditional Ruler of Obosi, has reacted to the various allegations against him, stressing that he knew nothing about the destination of one-Baby and other 23 persons allegedly missing in his domain.

Speaking through his palace Secretary, Mr. Shedrack Okenwa when contacted on the sudden disappearance of Mr. Tochukwu Nebo popularly known as “baby boy”, who was a former Chairman of Obosi Land Management Committee, Igwe A.C Iweka denied being responsible for the misfortune if any that befell Baby boy.

Okenwa, who said that Igwe's hands were clean, quickly handed this Reporter over to the Chief Security Officer of Obosi Community to react to issues bothering security and cult clashes in Obosi as according to him, he is more competent, even as he added that the so-called riots witnesses daily in Obosi were not from her youths “because Obosi youths have no problem with land. The people clashing are cultists but speak to the right man for your answers, the Chief Security Officer /Adviser, Ken Ikenwa”.

Reacting, Mr. Ikenwa, the Security Adviser claimed that one Baby boy was arrested by family members of a girl he raped but handed over to them before they later handed him over to the State Security Services (SSS), even as he told people to ask the Anambra state Director of SSS where Baby Boy is and not the security people doing their community policing.

On Prince Emeka Orizu, who was allegedly battered some years back by hoodlums, Ikenwa wondered why Orizu has turned himself to an advocate for people “crying wolf”, adding that he could not understand whether Orizu is acting as a lawyer or police as he takes over every case from people who should be carrying their cross, even as he denied that his own leadership was party to beating him up, “probably it has happened before I took over”, he said.

The security Adviser said: “there is one boy called Baby boy that people are accusing us of killing and have been protesting but we did not kill Baby boy and we are not Igwe's special vigilant men as they insinuate. We are Community policing vigilance group of the state government and we were on our duty post when we were called that Baby boy raped a 23 years old girl. He was arrested by the family members of the girl and we went there to take him away but on our way back we met SSS people along the road, they stopped us and demanded that we hand them over the boy which we yielded to”.

“They took him to Awka but some people instead of demanding from SSS where baby boy is wrote petition to Abuja that alleging that we killed Baby boy and since then police from Abuja have been chasing us around and we have gone into hiding to avoid arrest . We have been invited to Abuja and we would be in Abuja on Monday 17thMarch, 2014 to be cleared by the police before we could be moving freely about again. Right now we are into hiding, he said, adding; “How can we kill baby boy we handed over to the SSS ? Let them go to the SSS They have been busy framing security people up and baby boy was not our member but member of the youths”.

On the allegation by Prince Orizu who alleged the Igwe security men beat the hell out of him, Ikenwa countered: “I don't understand him at all. He is posing as a petition writer and as a charge and bail lawyer. He has been carrying over cases from people whether it concerns him or not. If truly he was beaten, not in my tenure”.

''Security men are now afraid in Obosi because anything we do, we would be framed up. We are not working as we suppose to because of false accusations against us here and there. We don't kill and we are not security to the Igwe but to the community under community policing of the state government. The bad groups in the community are killing themselves and they are being sponsored by big weights but I won't mention anybody's name. They have killed 9 youths. They want to act big now by setting houses ablaze that is the information we are getting now just to discredit the Igwe as if he is incompetent. They are being sponsored.........but I will not call anybody's name.''.

On the hand, while responding to the allegation by Obosi security that they didn't kill Baby boy as he was handed over to the State Security Services (SSS) who whisked him to Awka, Director, Anambra state SSS, Mr Alexander Okeiyi lamented that the family of Baby boy have not visited his office to ask about their son but went about saying all sorts of things, requesting them to visit him.

“This is not a matter we can discuss over the phone. But what do you say you are writing? Ok, ask them if they have come to ask about him in the SSS. They have not come to find out if their son is with us? They have not come to us. Ask them to come? This is not only an issue of raping but a high criminal offence involving kidnapping and killing. I hope you are aware of the killings in Obosi? The same groups are behind the killings in Obosi and I want the media to partner us in wiping away kidnappers and criminals from the society. I don't know how many they have killed but there are killings in Obosi. They are involving the media now to deter me from coming to stop the mess as I did last year when it became unbearable. They don't want me to come that is why they have raised this issue again. Don't help them in celebrating criminals”, Okiyi added.

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